6th Annual TJEd Online Convention – 90 Days Access

6th Annual TJEd Online Convention – 90 Days Access


TJEd.org is pleased to announce our biggest online convention yet!

“Oh my gosh! I’m loving the convention videos! Someone won’t be sleeping tonight…” ~C.D.

Coming to you now for 90 days’ access from the date of your purchase, you will have full, on-demand access to more than 50 hours of video and audio content* to help you on the path of Leadership Education!:

To view a rundown of topics covered, visit our Mega Convention Index – then come back here to complete the purchase!


  • $65/household for 90 days’ access to all content
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“Oh my gosh! I’m loving the convention videos! Someone won’t be sleeping tonight…” ~C.D.

Scroll down for more testimonials from previous year’s participants!

Coming to you now for 90 days’ access from the date of your purchase, you will have full, on-demand access to a huge treasure trove of video and audio content* to help you on the path of Leadership Education!

Think about it:

Homeschool conventions usually cost a LOT more; and you only hear maybe seven presentations. This convention costs less than most, and:

  • you can access it from the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • you don’t have the added expenses of childcare, travel, etc.
  • you can watch/listen to favorites over and over
  • you can share the experience with your household
  • you get dozens of presentations to choose from, and time enough to digest them and put them into practice!

PLUS! Nowhere can you get this much content specific to Leadership Education, with its focus on developmentally-empowered, mission-focused, classics-anchored learning 

To view a rundown of past topics covered – many of which are included in this year’s convention vault, click here to view the Mega Convention Index – then come back here to complete the purchase!

What to expect from this year’s convention:*

Videos from the TJEd Team – Rachel DeMille, Ian Cox, Emma Cox and more…

  • Back by Popular Demand: Optional live sessions for real-time mentoring! (See below for details)
  • Workshop with Rachel DeMille on “Your Plan for the First Turning”
  • “My Journey to Scholar Phase” with Oliver James DeMille and Sara DeMille
  • Inspiring Language Love, with Artful, Precise and Excellent Expression with Rachel DeMille
  • Strengthening Your Tribe: Building Powerful Influence and Bonds with Extended Family and Community [RD]
  • Socialist Sleeper Cells vs. The Freedom Remnant [RD]
  • Bosom Friends: The Books that Journey and Grow With You [RD]
  • Re-Reading: The Diamond Dust of Leadership Education [RD]
  • Writing: The Key to Compounding Your Education with Ian Cox
  • What Even Is a “Liberal Arts Education?” [IC]
  • The Pendulum of Learning: How to Avoid Its Pitfalls [IC]
  • Seminar on The Commonplace Book: [IC]
    • Your Commonplace Notebook: The Genius of Notes
    • The Science Behind a Commonplace Notebooks
    • The Commonplace Notebook in a Digital Age
  • Seminar on Takeaways from Great Reads: [IC]
    • LeaderShift: A Pattern for Success at Home & Abroad
    • 1 Big Take-Away from We Hold These Truths
    • Making Freedom Manageable with Oliver’s Book 196
    • Lessons from Milieu Classics with Lord of the Rings
  • Self-Care with Emma Cox (self-employed, homeschooling mother of 4 – and counting!)
  • Coaching and Examples on fun ways for extended family to bond and learn together (This is not to be missed!!!)
  • Expanded Newbies Track!
  • plus, lots more!!

*Convention content is subject to additions, deletions and alterations as this content is currently in production

Live Events with Ian Cox:

  • Euclidean Geometry: An Introduction to the Love of Math Workshop
  • Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics Workshop
  • Blank Page Brainstorm Workshop
  • Mission & 7 Steps Workshop

Plus audios from Oliver DeMille for higher-level mastery:

  • Books on the Chopping Block: Censorship and Cancelling
  • Now is the Time to Study History
  • First Turning Culture for a Fourth Turning World
  • Update on How to Teach Writing
  • When will the Constitution be Hanging by a Thread
  • Teaching Youth How to Recognize and Combat Socialism
  • The Great Call: Riding the Tide of Decline and Rising Society Trends
  • Keynote in 3 Parts:
    • The Leadership Gap
    • The Decline of “Higher Education Capital”
    • The Learning Renaissance and the Explosion of QNF (Quality, Non-Formalized Learning)


  • Access to a huge treasure trove of past presentations, with a reference guide to help you find the ones that best fit your needs today!

To view a rundown of many of the topics covered, visit our Mega Convention Index – then come back here to complete the purchase!

Testimonials regarding previous years’ conventions:

I just wanted to share my initial experience with the Online Convention so far. Firstly, being in Australia, I am grateful it is online! I’ve started watching a few of the bonus videos before the “real” event starts.

What I’ve watched already has been valuable. I’ve watched the one on Family Work, the one on Scholar Contract and most recently I watched Oliver Jnr.’s one on Mentoring Science.

They have all been worth the time taken to watch and listen. I’d never heard anything from Oliver Jnr. before and found his peaceful manner really calming and easy to listen to. I found the insights into the world of science beneficial and that book list! wow! Thank you. I found this presentation worthwhile – even as a student of psychological science myself!

Well done, thank you and I’m looking forward to the rest of the convention. ~Heidi Lianne

The TJEd Online Convention is everything! I truly enjoy feasting upon it all each year.

I love, love, love what Rachel DeMille shared in her talk “I will know, I will do” over in the Mentoring Moments section!

“If you want a better ability to apply TJEd to your family then you need to daily refresh your knowledge daily of TJEd. It’s not enough to remember what it’s about, or what you read when read it. That doesn’t move the needle on your motivation. That is just head knowledge, not heart knowledge. Heart knowledge comes from the daily stuff.”

I loved how she simply put this into words because over the years I have seen so many times where it has been shared that a person had read the TJEd books before but that’s it. They read it one time and then often are ready to pass it on to another family (which is great), but if you truly want to experience and have that heart knowledge of TJEd, I personally feel that Oliver & Rachel DeMille poured so much into the books that for me it’s something I make a point to read all the time. Whether it’s certain ingredients, or in it’s entirety. They have a blog with wonderful blog posts, annual online conventions and more in which we are able to truly gain our heart knowledge in TJEd!

Thank you! Thank you! Always!! ~Madeleine S.

What a gift the Online Convention has been to me! I am torn- sad to think it will be over soon, and so excited to implement the next right thing for me and my family. I have grown in confidence so much in these past few weeks. Some of my favorite parts: the Moms Panel, TJEstimonials, “How to Lead Discussion” series, and the New to Homeschool section. I so appreciate the encouraging and fun spirit! Thank you!! ~Rae F.

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the TJEd online convention this year! It seems like everything relates to something I have been thinking about, conversations I just had, or lessons I am teaching soon in school. Thank you for putting this together! I am loving it! ~Andrea E.

Just listened to “How to Lead a Discussion for an Adult Group” in the TJEd Convention, and it was EXACTLY what I needed right now.  We have an Adult Scholar TJEd Discussion group on Facebook called Liber Academy. We read and discuss a classic each week using Facebook video chat, and our discussions are almost always amazing.

Sometimes I haven’t really known how to lead these discussions effectively though, and I’ve fumbled my way through it. But this talk really hit the nail on the head in helping me think through what the key factors are in having a successful discussion. I highly recommend it! ~Shauna S.

Just wanted to say thank you Rachel DeMille for including “Homeschooling the Exceptional Child: Gifted, Unschooled, Disabled, Dyslexic, etc.” in the bonus content for the conference again this year!!

Equally…. oh my!! What a powerful and moving discussion on Family Work between you and Donna Goff! I have always loved family work but life stress has almost pushed me back into bad habits of forcing the kids to just get tasks done on their own and recently they have been practically begging me to help again.

Today my youngest was asked to pick up all the books that he had emptied from his cupboard onto the floor. He requested help and I replied with “No, you made the mess now clean it up. You got the books out you can put them back. I’ve got other things to do.” Well boy how stupid I felt when he replied, “But we are supposed to help other people. It’s good. That’s what the prophets did!” Complete heart-melt moment and of course he was right, I wasn’t leading by example, following the values I wanted to instill in us all and if course I could not deny his request for help any longer.


Family work isn’t just about getting the house clean. It instill values, it builds relationships and it reduces emotional overwhelm for us all! I also in this moment saw how powerful daily reading and conversations around the families core book sets such a beautiful foundation for not only our personal lives but our families lives too.

Thank you to you both for solidifying that lesson for me today! ~Ambah M.