2022 TJEd Freedom Convention: Election Edition

2022 TJEd Freedom Convention: Election Edition


Presented by 

Oliver DeMille 

Leadership Education (TJEd)

The Center for
Social Leadership

“The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime”

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  • Cost is $50/household
  • Early-bird access to Workshops 1 and 2 available immediately upon enrollment! The rest of the Convention will be released on October 1, 2022 and will be available through November 30, 2022.
  • Enrollment is for all members of a single household. Non-household friends and family should purchase their own access.
  • Convention access is located on our Learning Portal at learning.tjed.org. Upon purchase you will receive an email with instructions to complete account setup (please note that if you already have a connected account on the learning portal the convention will be added automatically). Store and Learning Portal accounts are connected via email address used to purchase.
  • All presentations available on-demand for streaming and downloading.
  • Special class pricing available for schools. [contact [email protected] to inquire]


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“The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime”


  • How to spot the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto on the ballot; plus the 10-Point Plan for overthrowing freedom in modern times

  • Understanding the 3 Types of Voters and what they want and need

  • How to deal with the reality that both Conservative and Libertarian voters are in a minority when each group is compared to the Liberal base

  • 9 books and articles you should digest and share before November 8, 2022

  • What Jefferson would say (has said, really) about this election

  • “The Big Sort” coming to your town, and the action plan for freedom

  • The most important thing in the 2022 election


Workshop 1: Introduction

20 Things on the Ballot that Almost Nobody Realizes But Everyone Should Know!

The outcome of the campaigns and ballot initiatives in the 2022 election will have a major, almost immediate impact on our trajectory toward either a FreedomShift or a ForceShift.

Why would anyone knowingly vote away their children’s future in favor of policies of oppression and exploitation?

What key issues where these battle lines are being drawn should voters be watching for?

Duration: ~48m

Workshop 2

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

In this presentation, Oliver shares key behind-the-scenes high-stakes issues, trends and consequences that the media won’t mention.

These issues, and their ramifications, are critical to the future of faith, family, free enterprise, morality and prosperity.

Learn what essential readings Oliver recommends you know and share before we all cast our votes on November 8, 2022.

Duration: ~48m

Workshop 3

What Jefferson Would Say About This Election?

Why Congressional elections are more important that presidential elections – IF we’re doing them right!

  • Where is our true power?
  • Where should we be placing our primary focus?
  • How can we make the most difference?

This presentation is a Special Bonus Workshop from our Freedom Vault, and was originally presented as the Introduction to Leadership Training 15 as part of the Ambassador of Freedom Level 3.

For more information on the Ambassador of Freedom, click here >>

Duration: ~1h3m

Workshop 4

The Big Sort: It is Coming to Your State and Town

An Action Plan for Everyone Who Loves Freedom

You’ve seen it happening. And the media has possibly made you feel a little nervous about its significance, and how it will impact you – and the upcoming elections.

What is “The Big Sort,” what’s really going on, and how can we capitalize on this powerful momentum to help facilitate a FreedomShift?

Duration: ~49m

Workshop 5

The Big Sort, Part 2

An Action Plan for Everyone Who Loves Freedom


1. Citizens are getting the kind of local and county government that they want

2. Local, county and state officials are incentivized and empowered to oppose federal laws, regulations and mandates that are not in the interest of their constituents

3. Congressional elections are more impactful on society than presidential elections

4. State elections more impactful on people in society than national elections

5. Local elections are the most impactful on the most people and issues

Duration: ~46m

Workshop 6

How to Understand the Voters

In this presentation, Oliver enumerates and describes the 3 Types of Voters, and explains what to expect from each – in this election, and also in 2024.

What are their highest values? What other values factor into voting and policy decisions?

Understanding the highest values of each individual greatly impacts our ability to establish true rapport and to meaningfully and ethically influence the way people think and vote.

Duration: ~1h4m

Workshop 7: Action Plan