Simulation: “Democratic-Republican” Party

In the November 2012 elections, the Republican party captured its first majority in all four major branches of government (i.e. executive, legislature, Supreme Court, states). Tentative at first, the party became bolder and bolder as each subsequent election increased its majorities. Following the 2022 elections, the party cast off all semblance of cooperation and began to exploit its increasing power. By 2028, the Democratic party had ceased to exist as a political force and the Republican party had implemented 90% of its 2016 party platform, in many cases going far beyond its original goals.

The year is 2029 and many Americans feel the Republican party has become too ultra-conservative/libertarian, too powerful, and too unconcerned for and unresponsive to its constituents. A few astute citizens feel the time is ripe to form a new “Democratic-Republican” party, one who’s objectives are to develop a more balanced, holistic party platform, create a power capable of checking the extreme actions of the Republican party, and provide a vision that will lead the nation into unprecedented peace, security and growth for the next 250 years.

You are a delegate from…(here is where you adapt the scenario to fit the size and time constraints of the group)