15 03, 2011

Steel to Gold: Feminism vs. Stateswomanship

There is a widespread myth that feminism came about in the 20th Century, that—along with Civil Rights and Environmentalism—feminism is one of our great modern advances. The truth is that feminism has a much earlier origin. In the Beginning... Adam and Eve left the Garden [...]

22 01, 2011

The Family Library

by Shiloah Baker “I cannot live without books,” Thomas Jefferson once said. No one should live without books! Books uplift. Books inspire. Books teach. The teaching done through books encompasses many areas: vocabulary, life experiences, knowledge, learning, and the list goes on and on. There [...]

15 11, 2010

Simplicity. Elegance. Almost as good as a nap….

I'm just sitting here at my computer thinking how simple it is, sometimes, to get it right. As I sit here, my frothy little bubble of a three-year-old named Abi sits at a desk a few feet from me and sings to herself with her [...]

14 10, 2010

Trust. Acknowledgment. Pioneers.

Some of the important elements of undertaking the path of Leadership Education are Trust and Acknowledgment. Trust that the best way to inform your choices is principles Trust that principles lead to desired outcomes Trust that doing the right thing in this moment is enough [...]

8 10, 2010

But Is It A Classic?

I had a strange experience a few months ago. I’ve pondered on it many times since. A friend of mine, who participates in an adult book discussion group, was having some difficulty with discussing a book. One of the group members found the subject matter [...]

1 05, 2010

Poetry and Kidschool

I love poetry! It is so amazing to me the way that art so seemingly effortlessly communicates on so many levels, with precision, economy and beauty! When my family and I learn poetry together, several things take place...

30 04, 2010

Language through the Phases, Part 2

I am a sort of “seat-of-the-pants” educator, who relies very heavily on subtle, sometimes unconsciously detected, cues to inform my approach in the classroom I just feel when they’re “getting it”, who’s not, and why not. I sometimes learn more from evaluating what I did—and why I must have felt it should be that way—then I ever do from trying to anticipate the need and plan for it. So, over time, I have collected a mass of data of “what I did”, and am starting to see some truly amazing patterns.

30 04, 2010

Language through the Phases, Part 1

Language is not only the vehicle of our thought, but the substance of it. I believe that language is so intrinsic a process in our development of self, ideas, purposes, perceptions, etc., that whenever we undertake to truly embrace a new language (as opposed to just learning it in a rote fashion) we must do so by passing through the Phases in that language.