26 03, 2011

How far will you walk with a rock in your shoe?

I’m on a hike. My pack is rubbing my shoulders sore. I’m hungry. The sun is beating down on my neck. I’ve been needing to duck behind a bush for almost 40 minutes. But I press on, enjoying the pure air, the light rush of [...]

15 03, 2011

Steel to Gold: Feminism vs. Stateswomanship

There is a widespread myth that feminism came about in the 20th Century, that—along with Civil Rights and Environmentalism—feminism is one of our great modern advances. The truth is that feminism has a much earlier origin. In the Beginning... Adam and Eve left the Garden [...]

5 11, 2010


Body sculpting, surgical/chemical alterations, therapy . . . our culture is obsessed with hiding, cutting out or otherwise purging its flaws. We want to be persons with no weaknesses. Even our college entrance exams, job interviews, courtships and business dealings all seem to hinge on [...]

14 10, 2010

Trust. Acknowledgment. Pioneers.

Some of the important elements of undertaking the path of Leadership Education are Trust and Acknowledgment. Trust that the best way to inform your choices is principles Trust that principles lead to desired outcomes Trust that doing the right thing in this moment is enough [...]

30 09, 2010

On Entropy and Allegiance

On entropy, and allegiance… I have been thinking about the great forces of the universe. One is a creative force, and one, a destructive one. It seems that in the state of nature these forces almost balance. Sort of the “circle of life” scenario, where all [...]