Welcome to the 5th Annual TJEd Online Convention!

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We’re very excited to have you join us!

This year’s new content “officially” goes live on August 1 and access ends on October 31st.



The time leading up to August 1st is our “Soft Launch”, with an amazing selection of “Bonus Preview” content. This consists of specially curated presentations from past years’ events, available immediately upon registration – meaning, NOW.

For example, there is a returning “Newbies Track” that helps launch new or revamping homeschoolers on an effective path with the pro tips and coaching that gives them a head start in Leadership Education, helps avoid common pitfals and makes the most of this high-energy, (and potentially high-stress) beginning.

We encourage you to pay special notice of the things that are most specifically targeted for your needs.

Master Index

In a few days you will receive a master list of content available, organized by topic/interest (such as: Youth; Writing; Special Needs; Math; Parenting; etc.) so you can strategize and plan your involvement. Use this to navigate and keep track of your summer convention viewing and listening!

Pro Tip #1

Turn the inspiration and energy into action right away!

As you listen and discuss have a pen in hand and a special, dedicated journal, notebook or composition book where you will write down important thoughts that come to you as you watch or listen.

Remember: You’re not preparing for a test. You’re capturing a moment that moves you.

Later, you can take some time to review, and decide on one thing (or a few things) that you want to do consistently that will make all the difference.

During the Convention we’ll send you email reminders to help point out important events you won’t want to miss.

It is always such a transformational experience for us to prepare and present the TJEd Online Convention. We inevitably find things that we want to stop doing, do more of, do differently, etc. This yearly checkup helps us so much, and we hope you find it instructive and empowering as well.

See you there!


The TJEd Team

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