What to do Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annually and Yearly

Presented by Rachel DeMille

When you’re on an unfamiliar path, sometimes it’s really helpful if someone further down the way can share some tips and tricks to help you avoid pitfalls, see the best sights and take advantage of the resources along the way.

In like manner, the homeschool path has certain time-centered milestones that lead to happy, thriving families. Rachel shares with you some tried-and-true tips and tricks to help you enjoy your journey!

Duration: ~54m

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Mentor Prompts:

Here are some thoughts to consider as you listen to the “Top Secrets” audio. Add a couple of other questions of your own – things you have on your mind about education, your role, your kids’ prospects, others’ influence on your educational choices – whatever is on your heart – and keep them in mind as you listen. 

What tips and tricks can you employ:

  • Daily?
  • Weekly?
  • Monthly?
  • Semi-annually?
  • Yearly? 
  • What should you do right now?


Watch the video, “Top Secrets of Homeschool Success,” presented by Rachel DeMille. [~54m] 

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