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What is TJEd?

“All men who turned out worth anything have had the chief hand in their own education.”
—Sir Walter Scott

How do you define a great education?

  • Is it good grades and high test scores?
  • Is it memorization/regurgitation of facts and dates?
  • Is it measured by how much income one can earn, by how much political power one can amass, or by popularity?

Every person has inner genius. Thomas Jefferson Education consists of helping each student discover, develop and polish her genius. This is the essence and very definition of great education.

 There are really only three kinds of education, and they are best understood from the student’s perspective.

 In this video, Rachel DeMille will explain how understanding the three types of education, the Phases of Learning and the 7 Keys of Great Teaching will reduce your stress and empower you as a teacher/mentor, and inspire your kids to get The Education to Match Your Mission.