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The 6-Point Plan: Advice for New Homeschoolers and Families Needing a “Reset”

by Rachel DeMille,

Here’s the deal. So often, I hear, from brand-new homeschoolers:

  • “What curriculum should I buy for my 13-year-old?”
  • “What curriculum should I buy for my 15-year-old?”
  • “My 5-year-old is holding his pencil wrong.”
  • “My 17-year-old hates math.”
  • “My 17-year-old hates me.”
  • “My 10-year-old hates everything about learning.”
  • “Should I buy the same curriculum for all subjects, or research the best one in each subject (math, literature, history, etc.)?”

And then all the other questions on what to buy, how to set up the dining room, and how long to spend on penmanship and math facts follow.

I moderate a large online forum where new and seasoned parents, homeschoolers and professional teachers discuss education and learning. Some questions are asked so frequently that I came up with what I call my “go-to advice” for those new to homeschool, or who are changing lanes and need a fresh approach….