A: 3 (1809)

B: 2 (actress)

C: 2 (foster father didn’t give him money for expenses)

D: 3 (name he used to enlist in the army)

E: 1 (Al Araaf, Tamerland and Minor Poems)

F: 3 (both)

G: 2 (Southern Literary Magazine)

H: 3 (slashing reviews)

I: 2 (1845)

J: 1 (unknown causes)



8-10 correct: You are a “raven” good student of Poe. Keep up the good work.

4-7 correct: Forget a gold star, you deserve a “black cat.” Good job.

0-4 correct: We can “tell-tale” you were not paying attention while reading. Try re-reading the summary and taking the quiz again.

[Source: www.poemuseum.org]