2020 TJEd Online Freedom Convention

Presented by Oliver DeMille Leadership Education (TJEd) & The Center for Social Leadership (What to do about it, and how to do it effectively—and what’s coming next) Available for Online Access with All Content On-Demand See here for detailed seminar content >> ENROLLMENT Early Bird [...]

What is TJEd?

by Oliver and Rachel DeMille Since TJEd places such high value on parents leading out and personalizing in their homes, the answer to this question can vary quite a bit; and there are some principles that are constant. Here is the TJEd philosophy in a [...]

The 6-Point Plan: Advice for New Homeschoolers and Families Needing a “Reset”

I moderate a large online forum where new and seasoned parents, homeschoolers and professional teachers discuss education and learning. Some questions are asked so frequently that I came up with what I call my "go-to advice" for those new to homeschool, or who are changing [...]

Our experience with Spelling and Dyslexia

Our Young Statesman/Stateswomen Society recently did a section on Spelling, and in preparation, I shared some thoughts on Spelling and Dyslexia: In our home we have several kids who are excellent spellers, as I usually have been (not as sharp as I was as a [...]

Introducing TJEd Depth

I am really ecstatic that it’s finally time to make the official announcement: The TJEd Depth mentoring programis now open for pre-enrollment! There are many influences for both good and bad in the world today. The media battle is raging. The best way through these [...]

The New Age of Freedom? By Ian Cox 

The Development of Free Societies and Economies in Modern Time Throughout history, the greatest prospect for a new people to gain their freedom and produce prosperity was through an exodus, a maturation period, and then a step into their golden age. In today’s world, this [...]

Protected: The Path

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Check out our Fall Sales!

"Fall" in LOVE with your homeschool - with these special deals from TJEd! Now through November 6th, some of our preferred products are available at amazing discounts! No coupon necessary - sale prices are reflected in the store. Here is a quick rundown, with details [...]

The Renaissance of the Family

The Renaissance of Family By Oliver DeMille Whatever happens in Washington, Wall Street, Main Street, Hollywood or Silicon Valley in the next ten years, it will all be irrelevant if our families don't come together at a much higher level. Without a renaissance of family, [...]