The following resources  will help you apply TJEd effectively in any educational setting, and for any student, age, and/or phase of learning.
You’ll find great lists of leveled classics here, and a few excellent videos here.

Recommended Classics

[The complete leveled and categorized list is available as a free pdf download with the Bonus Gifts]

Math Resources

Here are ways to share TJeD to your family and friends.

Discussion Groups & Support Resources:

  • TJEd Facebook Discussion Group:  Active discussion and event posts. Convenient for Facebook users; also functions via email. Over 3,000 parents and mentors, moderated by our own TJEd team.
  • TJEd Special: Discussion group for families with special needs.
  • Other regional discussion groups are also available on Facebook and in Yahoo groups. Just search “TJEd” and a key word representing your niche interest to locate such a group – or start your own, if what you’re wanting doesn’t exist yet!


For the basic overview of TJEd, including:

  • The 3 Types of Education
  • The 7 Keys of Great Teaching
  • The Phases of Learning
  • The 5 Environments of Mentoring
  • Tips for professional educators
  • Basic ideas for how to apply Thomas Jefferson Education in a home school
  • Teaching the classics of math, science, history, the arts, etc.
  • Thomas Jefferson Education in college and careers
TJED book