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We try very hard to respond personally and in a timely manner to all questions posted here. However, if you have a question on how to apply TJEd, you may be better served by posting your question for the thousands of participating TJEd parents and mentors who interact on one of these lists/forums:

  • TJEd Facebook Discussion Group:  Active discussion and event posts. Convenient for Facebook users; also functions via email. Many of us only use Facebook to keep in touch with this amazing, inspiring, supportive group! Around 13,000 parents and mentors, moderated by our own TJEd team.
  • TJEd Special: Discussion group for families with special needs.

When submitting a question to one of these forums, please include details about the dynamics that relate to your question, for example:

  • What TJEd resources you have already read/listened to
  • Ages/gender of kids and their educational experience and attitudes
  • Level and type of support and buy-in from the spouse/father/other significant adult influences (including older siblings)
  • What support you have for TJEd and/or homeschool in your area or online, etc.Welcome to the journey, and please let us know how we can better serve you!


Oliver and Rachel DeMille, TJEd.org

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