2022 TJEd Freedom Convention Subscription Access

2022 TJEd Freedom Convention Subscription Access

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Oliver DeMille 

Leadership Education (TJEd)

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2022 IS A WATERSHED YEAR. Freedom faces two major challenges right now, each of them bigger than the one faced by Jefferson, Madison, and Washington. First, there is a major attack on the Constitution, with forces aligned to replace it with a socialistic system at the federal and state levels, and in many places at the local level as well. Second, the international push by totalitarian nations seeking to supplant the United States and its free nation allies with top-down force-focused government has more momentum and funding than ever before in global history.

The American founding generation faced an intensely divided nation and a domino effect of challenge after challenge, as the conflict between those who wanted freedom and those who supported more government force bled into every part of American life: culture, politics, media, the workplace, education, individual rights and the family.

In 2022 we are experiencing a similar domino series of challenging events, and the battle between freedom and force continues to escalate. The impact of this event on Americans and people in all nations will be drastic—whichever path we end up choosing. The crisis portion of the current Fourth Turning is here, now and just ahead, and growing in intensity. In addition, we are now at (or past) the place on the cycle where a major turning point in our thinking, focus and effort is needed. Do you know what this massive change is? Does your family? Do your friends and colleagues? The solution is real, and now is the time…

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  • Cost is $35/month
  • Enrollment is for all members of a single household. Non-household friends and family should purchase their own access.
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  • All presentations available on-demand for streaming and downloading.
  • Special class pricing available for schools. [contact [email protected] to inquire]

Oliver shares his up-t0-the-minute analysis of what got us here, what we’re dealing with and how to influence the outcomes and secure the future of faith, family, freedom and prosperity for our children!


  • Update on we are on the 50 Steps of a Crisis Period
  • How the 2022 Midterm Elections mark the point of no return on whether we are in a ForceShift or a FreedomShift
  • 27 Trends currently in play
  • The big change coming right away
  • What will work in the next 5 years
  • What to expect from life in the First Turning – right around the corner!
  • What every parent and/or career-minded individual needs to know now
  • Reframing our thinking on where we are in the cycles of history (it’s not what everyone has been saying)
  • Plus lots more!

2022 Freedom Convention Content

SECTION I: The State of Freedom in 2022, and Why What Happens This Year Will Likely Set the Tone for the Next Century

Workshop 1: Introduction

(available immediately upon enrollment)

What’s Coming in the Next 12 Months? What’s Really Going On?

It’s bigger than COVID, and Almost Nobody is Ready for It

Learn about the 27 trends in play right now, how they move society, and how you can sway them, such as:

  • #6 The Fentanyl invasion
  • #23 “The Big Sort”
  • #27 The switch from fact-based to symbolic-based media, academia and political discourse

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~1h20m

Workshop 2: Can Freedom Actually Win In The Current Environment??

(available immediately upon enrollment)

The Storm Before the Calm

Is a FreedomShift even possible in a world where so much is aligned against our rights and freedoms?

Learn about the ebbs and flows of freedom and force at play in the U.S. political system from 1800 till now – and the surprising thing it tells us about our prospects for the next 10 years.


  • 1800-1828 Jeffersonian Era: The Age of the Plow and the Pamphlet [Community]
    • Strong new leader (Thomas Jefferson)
  • 1828-1865 Political Upheaval
    • Opponent to the Establishment (Andrew Jackson)
    • Final, weak old-style President (James Buchanan)
    • New System Leader (Abraham Lincoln)
  • 1860-1890 Carpet Bagger Era: The Age of the Engine and the Newspaper [Corporation]
  • 1890-1932 Political Upheaval
    • Opponent to the Establishment (Woodrow Wilson)
    • Final, weak old-style President (Herbert Hoover)
    • New System Leader (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Join us to get the rest of this rundown, including Oliver’s commentary, current application and future predictions!

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~1h11m


  • Special Workshop: DRAGONS, DOGS OR HEROES: The Great Freedom Challenge for Today’s Youth…How to Prepare, and How to Win    
  • AUDIO: The Freedom Writings of George Washington    
  • AUDIO: Jefferson’s Creed of Freedom    
  • AUDIO: Pandemic Syndrome and Its Lingering Symptoms    
  • AUDIO: Finding YOUR Freedom Voice, and What You Can Do for Freedom    
  • AUDIO: JEFFERSON ON TODAY’S EVENTS – The Two Great Political Parties in All Nations
  • SNEAK PEAK: Ambassador of Freedom Level 2 – “Jefferson and Adams as Elder Statesmen”     

Workshop #3: The 3 Things at our Current Place on the Cycles of History that Can Destroy Freedom

Are We Doomed to Repeat Them? What We Can Do and How to Do It!


  • Charting “The Big Nation Cycle”
  • The 5 Elements of Decline
  • The 5 Elements of Reboot
  • The Roadblocks of Reboot
  • The Myth of “Normal”
  • The Fabianist Socialism Strategy in Play Right Now

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~1h3m

Here is some of the rest of what’s in store for those who join us for the 2022 TJEd Online Freedom Convention…

SECTION II: The Huge Coming Change in America that Nobody is Talking About… YET.

Workshop #4: Keynote Presentation

This Will Change Everything, Right Away

(Note: This workshop assumes knowledge outlined and detailed in Workshops 1, 2 and 3. Please participate in these prerequisite workshops before attending this one.)

  • It is Time for a Major Shift in the Way You and Your Family See the World
  • It Will Impact the Rest of Your Life
  • This Is Real
  • It’s Coming Soon
  • But Few People Know What It Is

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~58m

Workshop #5: First Turning Values

How Do We Effectively Prepare for What’s Coming?

What Will Work in the Next 5 Years, and What Won’t

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~1h10m

Workshops #6-7: The Major New Change Coming in Education and the Economy, Parts 1 & 2

What Every Parent (and Anyone in the Workforce in the Coming Decades) Must Know and Do

Presented by Oliver DeMille

Duration Part 1: ~1h3m

Duration Part 2: ~1h2om

SECTION III: Effective Action by Real People, Right NOW

Workshop #8: Re-Framing the Cycles<