Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters


Targets, Techniques and Tools for Becoming a Great Mentor

Being a great mentor is a key part of successful leadership, but for most people, the necessary skills and techniques don’t come naturally. Have you ever considered the immense and valuable benefits of mentorship? Are you sharing your expertise with others and helping to guide them toward success? Maybe you just want to learn how to find a great mentor and make sure you get the most out of the relationship. Either way, Mentoring Matters has the answers you need. They have to be learned. But learning them doesn’t have to be hard. Educate yourself on all of the key targets, techniques, and tools for becoming a great mentor with this easy-to-apply manual. Your leadership success will be forever increased!


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Chapter Outline: 

Foreword by Orrin Woodward

Prologue: Why Mentoring Is an Essential Skill for Effective Leaders

1. The First Lesson of Mentoring

2. Vision

3. The Five Levels of Influence

4. Utilize Great Books

5. Where to Start

6. Ask Yourself Questions

7. The Phases of Life

8. The Size of Your Vision

9. When to Email, Call, or Meet

10. Pay Attention to Nonverbal Cues

11. The Spirit of “And”

12. Tact

13. Wisdom

14. Courtesy

15. Read the Mentor’s Book

16. How to Use Archetypes

17. Tenacity Trumps Talent

18. Choosing to Be All In

19. Don’t Mistake Thinking for Action

20. Don’t Mistake Action for Results

21. How (and When) to Praise

22. How (and When) to Reprimand

23. Conflict Resolution

24. Turning “Failure” into Progress

25. Keep Humor in Your Mentoring

26. Inspire

27. The Power of Example

28. Hero Mentors

29. Seeing the Genius in Every Person

30. Seeing Your Place in the Big Picture

31. Generations

32. The Power of Focus

33. Starve the Problem; Feed the Opportunity

34. Mentors as Talent Scouts

35. More Leaders = More Results

36. Using the Socratic Method

37. Why Mentors Are Listeners

38. How to Listen

39. Mentoring Strengths

40. Mentoring Weaknesses

41. When to Emphasize Strengths over Weaknesses

42. Mentoring Questions

43. Creating the Environment of Success

44. How to Lead a Group Discussion

45. Optimizing Strength in Teams

46. How to Mentor for Good Public Speaking

47. How to Mentor for Great Public Speaking

48. Mentoring Teams

49. Integrity

50. Love and Service

51. Challenging the Mentee

52. Mentoring Initiative

53. Mentoring Ingenuity

54. God as the Greatest Mentor

55. Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity

56. Mentoring Tenacity, Resilience, and Endurance

57. The Power of Ideas in Mentoring

58. The Power of Emulation

59. Reframing Challenges

60. How to Customize Your Mentoring

61. Mentoring with Specific Intent

62. Recognition

63. Mentoring Accountability and Responsibility

65. Mentoring Balance

66. When to Ask, When to Tell, and When to Assign

67. The Employee versus the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set

68. The Manager/Artist Balance

69. The Healer/Warrior Balance

70. Happiness is Key

71. Courage

72. Defiance

73. Who Do You Listen To?

74. Security

75. Find Renewal

76. Think Like a Revolutionary

77. Seven Great Mentors

Epilogue: We Can All Be Mentors!


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Dimensions 6 × 9 × 0.5 in


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