We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident eBook

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident eBook



12 Natural Laws of Freedom, Progress and Success

Natural Law and the Proper Role of Government…

I know, I know.

You’ve been meaning to get around to fixing America. Or Canada, or whatever great nation you call home. In the meantime, we’ve all been waiting for the politicians to fix things.


Still waiting…

Waiting’s not working. The real solution to our society’s decline is surprising, and only the regular people can really make it happen. Few of our political leaders or anyone else knows what is needed.

The answer? Our society is breaking twelve natural laws, and until we change this, the decline will continue— no matter what else happens. On the other hand, when we know and live these twelve laws, we will create a new era of freedom, prosperity, and widespread success.

This is real. It’s what Thomas Paine called “common sense.” It’s time to make it happen, and we, the regular people, have all the power over these twelve laws. Now is the time to take action!

But first we need to know the twelve laws.

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2nd Edition, 2020
Publisher:  The Center for Social Leadership
Page Count:  162
ISBN-13: 978-0-9907339-9-7
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All legislation is based on Natural law, and if it contradicts Natural law, that legislation cannot be valid. —Nicholas of Cusa, A.D. 1401–1464

Chapter Outline:

Introduction by Orrin Woodward

Prologue: Natural Law Matters

Whether natural law or bigger government wins this battle will have more impact on all our daily lives than pretty much anything else in the world.

Chapter 1: The Law of Supremacy

Natural law, not manmade law, is supreme; it is the basis of all freedom and success, and all manmade constitutions and laws must adhere to natural law or freedom will decrease.

Two Concrete Examples * Moral or Political Laws * Four Types of Laws * The Need for Change

Chapter 2: The Law of Authority

In free societies, all government power comes from the people.

Of the People… * The Reason for Government * The Foundations of Government 

Chapter 3: The Law of Limits

Free governments only succeed when they are strong and vigorous, and freedom only lasts if their power is effectively limited. 

The Problem and the Solution * Widespread Education Vital for Freedom

Chapter 4: The Law of Delegation

The people may not delegate government any power that they do not possess by natural law.

Say it fast three times: Pufendorf, Pufendorf, Pufendorf

Chapter 5: The Law of Force

Humans can only morally use force on other people for self-defense, and government can only morally use force on people for the collective self-defense; any other use of government power is a violation of natural law.

Force Changes Things * Another Example * The Limits of Force * The Rules * The Law of Plunder * Bastiat’s Law

Chapter 6: The Law of Decline -OR- What Happens To Nations That Violate Natural Law?

When governments break natural law, the bring the decline of freedom and the decline of prosperity on their own nation.

The Solution

Intermission: The Proper Role of Government

Chapter 7: The Law of Power

It is the nature of power to try to centralize, and once it is centralized, to attempt to expand its control.

The Power Principle * Freedom in the Gaps * Anglo-American Gaps

Chapter 8: The Law of Gaps

Freedom is found in the gaps where governments compete for power.

The Ten Branches of Government * Freedom’s Success Formula * The Plan in Action * The Coming Challenge

Chapter 9: The Law of the Vital Few

Through history, real freedom ultimately depends on the leadership of a few ordinary people who do extraordinary things. 

Power and Spoils * Gap Solutions * The Choice * Second Choice * Top Choice * The Law of the Vital Few

Chapter 10: The Law of Liberty

When freedom is reduced for a few, it is reduced for all. 

The Law of Maturity * Consequences of Breaking the Law of Liberty * Consequences Today * Liberty and Justice Come from Indivisible Freedom

Chapter 11: The Law of Economy

All powers delegated to government must be entrusted to the lowest level of government that can effectively accomplish the desired goal; nations that adhere to this principle are consistently strong, vigorous and vibrant.

Why Governments Decline * The Role of Federal Governments * The Proper Place of Power

Chapter 12: The Law of Progress

The actual level of freedom and prosperity in any society is directly equivalent to the level of free enterprise.

Enterprise is Better * How Governments Break the Law of Progress * “Free” Enterprise * Test Your Government * Two Enterprises * Real Solutions

Epilogue: Knowledge is Power


A Brief History of Natural Law

All legislation is based on Natural law, and if it contradicts Natural law, that legislation cannot be valid. —Nicholas of Cusa, A.D. 1401–1464

The Power of a Common Language * Ideals and Fairness * Rules of the Road * Natural versus Positive Law * Natural Law in Scripture and Literature * The Lessons of Natural Law * Cicero’s Contributions * Aquinus and Grotius * John Locke and the Turning Point * William Blackstone * Blessings of Natural Law

The Great Conversation

Enlightened Statesmen will not always be at the helm. —James Madison, Federalist 10 

The Backlash * Attack #1: Relativism * Attack #2 Empiricism * Attack #3: Romanticism * Political Parties * The Problem of Language * Community Matters * The Need

Recommended Readings on Natural Law


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