TWIH banner600x140 Steinway Quiz Feb 15 22

1.  Henry Steinway’s real name was

b.  Heinrich Steinweg.  He changed his name when he emigrated to America.

2.  Henry Steinway was born in:

c.  Germany

3.  Henry was educated at:

b.  a typical common school of his town

4. When Henry was young he was:
a.  Orphaned
d.  Imprisoned

Henry was Orphaned at 15 and imprisoned in a Garrison while he was serving in the German army as a soldier.

5.  He built which instrument:

In fact he built all three!
a.  Piano
b.  Guitar
c.  Zithar

6.  His first piano was built in:

c.  His kitchen

7.  He emigrated to America because:
a.  He wanted to avoid political unrest

Quiz Answers.  How did you do?