We strongly recommend that you save your audios to both a computer hard drive (for long-term safe-keeping) and to a handheld device or flash drive (for convenient use and ready listening).


You can save TJEd audios to your computer by clicking on the mp3 link in your document, email or store customer “Purchased Files” page, then (when the browser window opens with a control bar to play the audio online) click “File” in the program menu at the top of your screen, then click on [“Save Page As” in Firefox or Chrome; “Save As” in Safari] to open up a command window where you can select to save to your media files, desktop, etc. We recommend a dedicated file for each product type (“7 Keys Certification,” “Mentoring in the Classics,” “Homeschooling for Dads,” etc.)

Alternatively, to save an audio file to your hard drive from Safari, right-click the link for the file (not the mp3 player, but the actual link to the file) and choose “Download Linked File As” from the contextual menu.

Handheld Device

To save am mp3 file to an mp3 player or tablet, first save the file to your computer desktop. Next, connect your device with your computer. Then, when the device icon appears on your desktop, drag the file to the device icon.

Zip Files

If you have the option of a “zip” download in your document, email or TJEd store profile, you will need a fairly current zip expander. There are many available downloads of free expander software online; we have had great success with StuffIt.

Please note that some of the files we offer are HUGE – over 4 hours of audio content. Please be aware that, depending on your internet speed, such a large file may take as much as 20 minutes or longer to complete downloading. Don’t interrupt its download, or try to open before the download is complete. For best results, we suggest not doing much else on the internet (like downloading music or watching Netflix) while the download is working.

Errors in Downloading

If you get an error saying that the file is empty, this is due to an incomplete download. Either you attempted to open it before the download was complete, or the internet connection was interrupted and the download was unable to complete.

We have had some users (particularly in rural areas where internet service is not stellar) report that in order to successfully download larger files in particular, they had to go to a home or business that had better internet service.

Nerd Herd to the Rescue

Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to provide detailed and specific instructions on the variations of devices, operating systems and media software options that are available. (Sorry! Just not our specialty.)

We ask that if you have additional questions on how to manage the technical details on saving or playing your audios, you first try a Google or YouTube search, contact a local tech-savvy friend. They will most likely answer your questions very simply and well!