Ian Cox teaches Leadership, Classics, and Innovative Thinking for high school students at Colesville Academy in Cedar City, Utah. Ian is a featured speaker for Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd.org) and runs a one-on-one Mentoring Service by phone and online for youth and adults seeking a quality, classical leadership education.

Ian mentors students and businessmen and women of all ages and levels. He has mentored, both individually and in classes, book discussions, speech and debate, simulations, writing, economics, history, classical math, personal mission discovery, and classics—all mixed together with whatever fascinating tangential topics come along.

Ian is a popular keynote speaker at educational and business events. He loves reading, basketball, and discussing deep ideas on history and political science. Ian and his wife Emma have two sons and two daughters. Ian blogs here >>


Emma Cox is the second child and oldest daughter of TJEd.org’s Oliver and Rachel DeMille. She is an accomplished ghost writer and editor with several best-selling titles to her credit, and mother of two rambunctious and clever boys as well as two beautiful girls. She and her husband Ian Cox have been married since 2012, and together they are Head Mentors for TJEd High.