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  • Overview

    This mp3 download will help you develop and expand your vision of how the TJEd model can work in your home. Oliver and Rachel’s spontaneous, candid, intimate, touching, humorous and profound commentary on Leadership Education in the home includes:
    • Daily and Weekly Scheduling
    • Organizing Space in your home to support Leadership Education
    • What to simplify and what to beef up
    • What to say “No” to, and when to say “Yes”
    • Music and other lessons and how to best integrate them

    Highlights include:

    • Which books work best for what ages
    • Organizing a big family with students at different ages and Phases
    • Separating discipline from academics
    • Using outside activities without letting them take over
    • Tips for making mornings work
    This unique recording is informal, intimate and interactive, as Rachel and Oliver share from the heart and dialog about how TJEd works in the home. While the content in this seminar is based on information published in The Phases of Learning, these excerpts were specifically chosen for audio distribution because they are not available elsewhere in any format; this is a deeper and more detailed presentation with personal anecdotes and insights from one of the most successful and enduring TJEd seminars ever presented. Please note that the complete list of 55 ingredients is included, with explanations and ideas for implementation, in the book, The Phases of Learning.
  • Contents:

    1. Toffler’s Cycle
    2. The Nomadic Age
    3. The Agrarian Age
    4. The Industrial Age
    5. Toffler’s Prediction
    6. The Decentralization of Education
    7. The Kondratieff Cycle
    8. The Fourth Turning
    9. A Prediction
    10. The Need for Statesmen
    11. The Tytler Cycle
    12. Will Technology Affect the Cycles?
  • Core Phase is active throughout our lives and in all we do. This warm and inspiring workshop encourages families and educators to likewise allow Mission Phase to be an animating force in our education and activities.
  • Sale!
    Over 20 years ago, Oliver DeMille started teaching about the 7 Keys of Great Teaching. This audio was recorded some time before 2002 (we're not 100% positive if it was 1998, 1999, 2000?), but the principles are timeless! Based on popular demand, we're bringing this recording out of our vault for a limited time. Enjoy!
  • What is the core unit of society? Is it the corporation? The Individual? The Family?
    A clear vision of the principles of TJEd and the lessons of Depth Phase enables us to push on through the challenging process of leadership education.  We can articulate what we already feel. Includes discussion of the Phases, Allegiance, the 7 Lessons of Depth Phase, and how to prepare ourselves and our children to be the Leaders they were born to be.
  • This audio discusses how to transition from Scholar to Depth Phase, and how to use that critical "Bridge" to fill in the gaps that inevitably occur during childhood and youth, so that the young adult is prepared to take on higher education, private mentoring, career and adult responsibilities, while pursuing a Depth Phase education that helps them achieve their personal mission.
  • Oliver DeMille draws from intensive study of the Founding generation to identify five defining ideals of Americanism. Presented before a live audience. Run Time: Approximately 1 hour
  • This presentation by Oliver DeMille is a live recording of a workshop delivered at the 2009 TJEd Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Run time: Approximately 53 minutes