1913 – Paperback

1913 – Paperback


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Three critical events in 1913, followed by a corresponding event in 1936, together struck a resounding blow to America’s freedom. In fact, they triggered the greatest turning point away from freedom in modern times.

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What were these dangerous events? Why do so few American citizens know about them—especially since they dramatically and negatively impact every detail of their lives? Most importantly, how can their effects be reversed and freedom restored?

1913 answers these questions and more. This is not a doomsday book for alarmists, but rather an optimistic action guide for thoughtful, dedicated freedom-lovers. DeMille provides three clear, detailed, and practical solutions you can implement to restore America’s freedom and revitalize her prosperity.

A new turning point of freedom is desperately needed. And reading this book will propel you to the front lines of that shift.


“You’re holding a masterpiece on freedom, and everyone who cares about the future of prosperity and freedom should read and apply this book.”

Orrin Woodward, New York Times Bestselling Co-author of Launching a Leadership Revolution


“At long last, a piercing analysis that goes beyond predictable partisan bickering and gets to the root of America’s turning point. With this book, we can finally stop spinning our wheels in the battle for freedom, get traction, and make a profound difference.”

Stephen Palmer, New York Times Bestselling Writer & Author of Uncommon Sense: A Common Citizen’s Guide to Rebuilding America

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2nd Edition, 2020
Publisher: The Center for Social Leadership
Page Count: 208
ISBN-13: 978-0-9853387-6-3
Dimensions: 6 in × 9 in × 1 in
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Chapter Outline:

Forward by Orrin Woodward

Introduction: The Year That Changed Everything

Wilson’s Portentious Speech * What About Solutions * High Stakes

Chapter 1: The Turning Point of Freedom

The Turning Point of the American Founding * The American Dream * Seeds of Decline * Everyone Knows * American Decline

Chapter 2: World-Shifting Event #1: The Sixteenth Amendment

Direct vs. Indirect Taxation * The Irish vs. Scottish Models * An American Response * More than a Technicality * The Federalist Speaks Out * The Twenty Enumerated Powers of the Federal Government * A Drastic Shift

Chapter 3: World-Shifting Event #2: The Seventeenth Amendment

Democracy vs. Aristocracy * Government by Technocracy * Founding Depth

Chapter 4: World-Shifting Event #3: The Federal Reserve

Institutions Sometimes Outlive Their Purpose * The Bank Solution * Four Types of Currency * Aristocratic Money * The Fiat Problem * Fiat Money Leads to Inflation * Repeated Mistakes * Consequences of the Turning Point

Chapter 5: World-Shifting Event #5: United States v. Butler in 1936

The “Secret” History * A Brief History of Critical Supreme Court Cases * Two Other Pivotal Cases * The Butler Case * Not All Change is Progress * A Tortured Construction * Jefferson’s Warning * The Aftermath of the Butler Case

Chapter 6: The Founding of Freedom in Modern Times

Lesson #1: A Wise Citizenry * The Knowledge of Free People * Lesson #2: Created Equal * Lesson #3: Auxiliary Precautions * The Head of Free Governments * Seven Human Interactions

Chapter 7: Wanted: A Small Group of Commited Citizens

What Will You Do With Your “Dash”?

Chapter 8: Solution #1: Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurial Spirit * Entrepreneurship Rooted in National Character * Entrepreneurs and Freedom * The Values of Freedom * Todays Challenge * The Power of Entrepreneurs * Combining the Values

Chapter 9: Solution #2: Voracious Readers and Independent Thinkers

Historical Models * Calvin Coolidge: A Great Example * Better Citizens Needed * A Widespread International Challenge * Change Needed

Chapter 10: Solution #3: Tribal Leaders

The Changing Place of Leadership * The Most Important Concept of Freedom * The Basics of Freedom * Grassroots Leadership is Necessary for Freedom to Flourish * The Leaders of the Future

Chapter 11: Essential Freedom

What is Freedom? * Primary Goods * Three Kinds of Freedom * How Rare is Freedom? * When Freedom is Lacking * Do We Realize? *

Chapter 12: Free Citizens Read the Fine Print

Who’s to Blame * Vital Foundations of Freedom * Weakening the Constitution * The Power of the Fine Print * A Requirement for Freedom * Four Tragedies * The Only Overseers of Freedom

Chapter 13: The Last Turning Point

The Next Shift * In Our Hands

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