Free Enterprise vs. Capitalism and Socialism

Free Enterprise vs. Capitalism and Socialism


by Oliver DeMille

Free Enterprise is Better
than Socialism or Capitalism

“It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all,
a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’
But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects
while remaining in this state of ignorance.”
—Murray Rothbard

THERE is a battle raging for the future of America. And, by extension, this battle impacts the prospects for freedom around the world. Indeed, if the great system of freedom initiated by the Declaration of Independence and established by the U.S. Constitution is lost in the United States, it will likely take centuries before real freedom regains its current levels of influence in the world.

This is the great struggle of our generation, but sadly the center point of this contest is unclear to most people. Only a relative few understand what is actually going on behind the scenes.

In fact, this battle for our future hinges on two main questions.

The first question is:

Will Socialism or Free Enterprise be the leading economic system of the 21st Century?



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Chapter One
Free Enterprise is Better than Socialism or Capitalism

Chapter Two
Five Types of Capitalism

Chapter Three
A Sixth Kind of Capitalism

Chapter Four
Democracy, Republic or Empire?

Chapter Five
The Driving Force of Progress



Chapter Six
Free Enterprise Values

Chapter Seven
Innovation vs. Conformity

Chapter Eight
The New America

Chapter Nine
Crony-Cap Media

Chapter Ten
American Decline in “The China Century”?

Chapter Eleven
Challenges of the Global Economy

Chapter Twelve
The Reason for Decline



Chapter Thirteen
Overcoming the Innovation Shortage

Chapter Fourteen
Upper Class, Middle Class, and the Solution Class

Chapter Fifteen
A New Definition of Success

Chapter Sixteen
The Power of Emulation

Chapter Seventeen
The Greatest Enterprise







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