2020 4th Annual Online TJEd Youth Conference

2020 4th Annual Online TJEd Youth Conference



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We are thrilled for this year’s Online Youth Conference!

Topics include*:

  • How to Make Your Voice Heard
  • Mission Workshop
  • Being a Leader Even When Being an Elitist is so Tempting
  • The tools of Scholar Phase
  • The Rules of Success for Youth
  • Studying Languages
  • and much, much more

*This is a list of topics, not individual presentations. All content is currently in production and titles/presenters/topics are subject to additions, deletions and modifications. Many of the included topics will be combined in a presentation, and the final list will be launched on 8/1. 

Remember, we share examples and insights on how to handle certain scenarios, but TJEd is hyper-focused on principles. Each and every home will look a little different. Often the “same” scenario is actually different each time it comes back up.

What you can really count on from any TJEd event is how to learn. How to think. How to learn the principles that work and how to apply the principles successfully.

How does it work?

Once you purchase your family’s youth registration (no need to purchase multiples for the same household), log in any time between 8/1 and 10/1 to gain full access to the conference, on your own schedule! 

All content is pre-recorded for on-demand viewing/listening.


  • $20/household [Please note that Summer 2020 TJEd High! participants have complimentary access to the Youth Conference.]


To register for the TJEd Online Convention for adults and youth, CLICK HERE >>

To enroll in TJEd High, CLICK HERE >>

Why do an online youth conference?

We love the opportunity to do live events and to meet everyone face-to-face. There is something very special and powerful about direct contact. And – this can also limit access for people in remote areas, or whose circumstances preclude them traveling to a convention venue.

Doing an online convention has enabled us to “travel” around the world and step directly into the homes of so many wonderful families. It’s been amazing to see families come out of the woodworks who felt distant from any support groups. Our online forums have become an amazing source of support, information, and mentoring.

You get all this from the comfort of your home, according to your schedule, and at the fraction of the cost attending a live event (consider travel, missed work, hotels, food, etc.).


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