What’s So Great About the Classics: Homeschooling for Dads


35 Reasons the Classics are the Best Curriculum for Education, Career, Finances, Family, and Life


Chapter Outline:


  • Dad Power #1: Build Confidence
  • Dad Power #2: Read Aloud
  • Dad Power #3: Fall in Love With the Classics
  • Each Child Has Genius
  • “Men Without Chests”

1: The Classics and Your Family’s Prosperity

  • Teach Me To Fish
  • A Brief History of Time
  • “No, Mr. President”
  • Which Class?
  • Reading Classics is a Financial Investment
  • Nine Reasons to Study the Classics

2: Classics, Academics, and Career Success

  • Skills and Strengths
  • “Please Sir, Some More?”
  • Go Fish
  • “Show Me the Money!”

3: Classics and Great Souls

  • Good is the Enemy of Great
  • Family Ties
  • Two Paths Diverged
  • Take It to the Bank


  • I: The Best Math Curriculum
  • II: 5 Things Effective TJEders Never Say
  • III: TJEd and Riding a Bike


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