Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens Paperback

Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens Paperback


From the Introduction:
“It is said that when God wants to change the world, he sends a baby–perfectly timed to grow, learn, prepare and then take action at the right moment.

“But there are times when one baby won’t suffice, when the challenges facing the world are just too great; and so instead of a great reformer or a few key thinkers, what is needed is a whole generation of leaders.

“This happened in the sixth century B.C. and in the first decade of the Common Era, then again in the American Founding generation.

“We believe it is happening again today….”

About Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens

This latest addition to the TJEd library is written to youth and adults wanting to accomplish a successful Scholar Phase–academics, personal development and mission preparation.

It includes:

  • How to find the “Real You”
  • The Teen-100 List
  • How to study the classics
  • How to make the most of your mentor
  • Sample Simulations
  • …plus lots more!


Publisher: 2016
Page Count:  148
ISBN-13: 978-0983099673
Dimensions: 9 in × 6 in × 0.4 in
Weight: 9.6 oz

Chapter Outline: 

Chapter One: Your Future

When God Wants to Change the World… * Teenager, Grownup or Adult? * The Youth Lead the World * Realism or Idealism * This is the Time * Preparing for Your Role * Conveyor Belt vs. Genius in Training * Does Prestige Equal Quality? * What About Financial Success? * The First Step on the Path to Greatness * Fifty Years from Now * The Genius in You

Chapter Two: Classics

Your Best Mentors and Greatest Allies * The Seven Keys of Great Teaching * Classics, not Textbooks * Straight from the Original Sources * Think What, and How, They Thought * Introducing: “The List” * Level One: Break the Taboo * Level Two: Talk it Over * Level Three: Teach to Learn * Stand and Deliver * 100 + 40 * Classical Languages: Math, Latin, etc. * The Teen 100 Book List!

Chapter Three: Mentors

Going it Alone * Trusting a Guide * Who are Your Mentors? * Make it Easy on Them * Break the Taboo, II * A New Day: Mentored by Mission * Another Day: Mentored by Grandparents * The Formal Mentor

Chapter Four: Falling in Love

Love is All There Is * Heather’s Story * How do you Fall in Love? * When do you Give your Heart? * The Love Allegiance * Why Wouldn’t You? * Self-Serving; Other-Serving; Hate-Serving * When Being a “Hero” was Unpopular * The Greatest Power * The Teacher Learns * What do you Love? * Choosing to Love * Teacher or Topic? * Falling in Love, Again * Inspire, not Require * The Inner Ring * Where Will You Be?

Chapter Five: Scholar Phase

Who’s a Scholar? * The Task of a Lifetime * 5,000 Hours * The Lost Depth Phase * Historical Precedent * Unable to Stand * They Got it Right * Education for a Future of our Choosing * Free Enterprise v. Free Education * The Soviet Conveyor Belt * The American Class System * The Third Option * Let’s Talk About You * Structure Time * By the Clock * Fill in the Gaps * Love of Learning, or Love of Dad? * Out of the Box * Think * You, not Them * Simple, not Complex

Chapter Six: Finding the Real You

The Birth of a Teenager * Midlife Crisis * Fit In or Fix It * The Real You * Number Twenty-three

Chapter Seven: Success in the Next Twenty Years

Good News, Bad News * The Long View * Embrace The New, The Now * Raising Adults * Reach Out * Impact * Be a Producer * A Season of Opportunity * Make a Mark

Chapter Eight: One More Thing

Your Best Now * The Best Generation



  • A: Simulations
  • B: Online Resources

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