A Thomas Jefferson Education in our Home eBook

A Thomas Jefferson Education in our Home eBook


This 35-page pdf download is rich in examples and anecdotes from Oliver and Rachel’s early days on the path of Leadership Education, and contains an extremely valuable Q&A section.



This beloved article by Rachel DeMille offers special insight into how TJEd looks in real life, with multiple children of various gifts and disabilities. Includes a special Q&A section that’s not to be missed! Warm and personal, this will be one of you favorite TJEd readings.


  • Introduction to the 7 Keys of Great Teaching by Oliver DeMille
  • Discussion of each individual phase
  • Family Reading
  • Projects for Learning
  • How to simplify your time and space
  • How to share your passion for learning with your children
  • How to help older children who have lost their love of learning
  • …and much more!


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