Confessions of a Late Bloomer [one-year access]

Confessions of a Late Bloomer [one-year access]


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My Journey to Scholar Phase: Confessions of a Late Bloomer

The Ups, the Downs – and Why Tears, Laughter and Fun Really do Work

by Eliza DeMille, with Oliver DeMille

Duration: ~1h 32m

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Mentor Prompts: 

Here are some thoughts to consider as you watch to the “My Journey to Scholar Phase” video. Add a couple of other questions of your own – things you have on your mind about education, your role, your kids’ prospects, others’ influence on your educational choices – whatever is on your heart – and keep them in mind as you watch. 

  • Why was Eliza a late bloomer?
  • What was it that allowed her to move forward?
  • Was it worth the wait to allow her to renegotiate lost phases, or was the time lost/wasted?
  • How does Eliza’s experience apply to you, or someone close to you?


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