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Donate to TJEd Depth Scholarships


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TJEd Depth Mentoring

Simply Great Education

Never in history has a great
Depth Phase been more important.

The truth is that it has never been more critical for young adults to get a truly excellent Depth Phase.

It has been said that freedom is only ever one generation away from being lost. 

Some of us must get the education that builds and perpetuates a free and prosperous society for generations to come. This must include the 5 Pillars of Statesmanship—Classics, Mentors, Simulations, Field Experience, Providence—but in today’s bureaucratic, conveyor-belt-style colleges and universities, this kind of education is hard to find and rare to get.

TJEd Depth is specifically designed to equip young adults with this kind of education—to develop New Founders around the world. Using a combination of great classics and mentoring, it inspires a truly superb Leadership Education that yields not only a “Hire Education”, but a Higher Education.

The world needs so much more from us.

Thank you for helping support those willing to do the work to discover and live their Missions.

There are three ways to approach your TJEd Depth Mentoring

Looking for College Level Educational Mentoring

Looking for a different option than the modern conveyor belt college?

TJEd Depth is an intensive mentoring opportunity.

No credits, no grades, no B.S.’s, no socialist indoctrination. Simply great classics and superb mentoring.