Young Stateswomen/Statesmen Society

Young Stateswomen/Statesmen Society


YSS is our answer for training parents to coach and mentor their kids combined with hands-on project-style content for Love of Learning and Transitioning to Scholar Phase!

Inspired by our young daughters who LOOOOONGED to have the goals and awards that they saw happening in their brother’s scouting activities, YSS is a program for girls and boys to assist them in broad knowledge, skills acquisition, refinement of talents and character development.

YSS can be run:

  • In a single home, with parent mentors
  • In a small, cooperative group of families
  • As a full-fledged club in an emerging or established community of families


YSS Coaching and Content is on a monthly subscription model, and currently costs $37/month per family.

Note that this includes full access to the This Week in History subscription, which costs $25/month – so you’re getting a crazy good deal for all the coaching and curriculum content!!


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$37.00 / month
$740.00 / month


To view sample content, check out the free previews in the course on our learning portal >>

[If you are already a student in the learning portal, please contact us to request this sample content be added to your dashboard.]

Delivered on a monthly subscription model, mother-and-daughter team Emma Cox and Rachel DeMille provide coaching and curriculum support on a schedule you can rely on, and you use it on the timing of your own choosing to meet the needs of your family or club. The YSS format includes a binder system for planning and record keeping, and a community of support with others participating in the program.

AND! The YSS Coaching and Content subscription includes, at no additional cost, the award-winning This Week in History program for use in your homeschool or club learning!

Sample Calendar

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: Discover 
    • Brief video(s) – from 5-20 minutes combined (at the students’ level of interest)
    • Printable content (at the students’ level of interest)
    • Introduces the goal area with basic instruction
    • Learning activities and goal project ideas
    • Appropriate for family and club learning with multi-age groups
    • List of rabbit trail starters from This Week in History (bundled with the YSS subscription at no additional cost)
  • Wednesday: Explore
    • Brief video(s) – from 1-10 minutes combined (at the students’ level of interest)
    • Printable content (at the students’ level of interest)
    • Expands exposure to and experience with the goal area
    • Keep students motivated and engaged with the week’s learning activities and goals
    • Appropriate for family and club learning with multi-age groups
    • List of outside resources for additional exploration
  • Friday: Coach and Prepare

    • Video(s) from 10-40 minutes combined (at the parent/mentor’s level of interest)
    • Printable content (at the parent/mentor’s level of interest)
    • Debriefing the week’s experiences
    • Coaching on mentoring skills, habits and mindset
    • Pre-exposure to the upcoming week’s goal area
    • Preparation helps for priming, planning and organizing the next week’s activities

Monthly Schedule:

1st Week

  • Book Club Colloquium monthly (Suggested Reading Schedule provided)
  • Odd Months: Hero Project (Support Packet provided)
  • Even Months: Service Project (Support Packet provided)
  • Binder upkeep

2nd & 3rd Weeks

  • Working on Goal Areas
  • Follows YSS Calendar
  • Binder upkeep

4th Week

  • Club Meeting/Prisms (Support Packet provided)
  • Online Meetup
  • Preparation for Quarterly Event

5th Week (every three months)

  • Quarterly Event (Support Packet provided)
  • Includes such events as: Spelling Bee, Physical Fitness Challenge, Heritage Arts Festival, Math Tournament, Science Fair, Poetry Tea Time, Speech Recital, Music and Art Gala, Georgics Pageant, Formal Banquet etc.
  • Medallion Awards Ceremony
  • Community recruitment and enrollment opportunity


YSS is a service and achievement club sort of like scouting, with 6 areas of emphasis with 10 or so subtopics, or “Goal Areas.”  The young person and his or her mom/dad/mentor develop a list of goals/achievements in each Goal area, tailored to the student’s aptitude, interest, phase of learning and other needs. Our Coaching service provides lots of ideas and resource materials to help you figure this part out!

Once all the chosen goals are completed in a given area of emphasis, the child earns a “medallion.” The medallion is actually a small brass pendant; it can be wrapped with beads on a leather strip from a walking stick, dangled from ribbon on a bookmark, worn on a cord or chain as a necklace, or as charms on a bracelet, for example.

Each achievement area is represented by a hero or heroine icon, chosen especially because of their significant contributions or example in the goal area.

For more information on the Heroes and Goal Areas, see the YSS Overview >>

The Binder Tour


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