Young Stateswomen/Statesmen Society

Young Stateswomen/Statesmen Society



What is the Young Stateswomen/Statesmen Society? (YSS)

I. YSS is a service and achievement club designed for Love of Learning to Early Scholar Phase children and youth.

Inspired by our young daughters who LOOOOONGED to have the goals and awards that they saw happening in their brother’s scouting activities, YSS is now a complete program for girls and boys to assist them in broad knowledge, skills acquisition, refinement of talents and character development.

II. YSS can be run:

  • As a full-fledged club in an emerging or established community of families
  • In a single home, with parent mentors

A unique feature of YSS is that it is built on an agile and interactive process whereby the child and his or her parent/mentor or club advisor collaborate to set the specific goals to earn each recognition. It is not a pre-set “checklist.” This makes the process customizable for age, phase, interest, aptitude and resources.

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Who’s it for?

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How does YSS work?

YSS is a service and achievement organization sort of like scouting, with 6 areas of emphasis with 10 or so subtopics that the young person and his or her mom/dad/mentor develop a list of goals/achievements in order to earn.

Once all the subtopics are completed in a given area of emphasis, the child earns a “medallion” (available here on the product page – or you can create your own), which is actually a brass pendant that can be dangle on a leather strip from a walking stick, or be worn on a necklace, for example.

Each achievement area is represented by a hero or heroine icon, chosen especially because of their significant accomplishments or example in the goal area.

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