TJEd for Teens Supplement (Classroom Use)

TJEd for Teens Supplement (Classroom Use)


You asked for it, we delivered.

For those using Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens who want to be able to work and re-work the “Real You” exercises or who want to complete the Teen 100 Book List in the book without writing in the actual book, you can now download the new TJEd for Teens Student Supplement for personal, home or classroom use.

This 83-page printable includes:

Teen 100 Book List

  • Age 13

  • Age 14

  • Age 15

  • Age 16

  • Age 17-18

The Real You

  • Instructions

  • Printable Question Cutouts

  • Personality Test

  • Journal Version, Questions 1-22

Purchase options:

  • Personal (Intended for one individual, personal use. Up to 3 downloads.)

  • Home (For multiple users in a single household. Up to 12 downloads.)

  • Classroom (For institutional use. Up to 35 downloads.)

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Chapter Outline:


  • Dad Power #1: Build Confidence
  • Dad Power #2: Read Aloud
  • Dad Power #3: Fall in Love With the Classics
  • Each Child Has Genius
  • “Men Without Chests”

1: The Classics and Your Family’s Prosperity

  • Teach Me To Fish
  • A Brief History of Time
  • “No, Mr. President”
  • Which Class?
  • Reading Classics is a Financial Investment
  • Nine Reasons to Study the Classics

2: Classics, Academics, and Career Success

  • Skills and Strengths
  • “Please Sir, Some More?”
  • Go Fish
  • “Show Me the Money!”

3: Classics and Great Souls

  • Good is the Enemy of Great
  • Family Ties
  • Two Paths Diverged
  • Take It to the Bank


  • I: The Best Math Curriculum
  • II: 5 Things Effective TJEders Never Say
  • III: TJEd and Riding a Bike


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