18 09, 2014

She Knew!: The Weekly Mentor by Oliver DeMille

(A Mother Makes All the Difference) by Oliver DeMille Grades or Education? I heard a story recently that really made me think. It was recounted by the mother of a college student who visited home after her first semester and confided in her parents that [...]

30 10, 2013

Two Kinds of Education (Plus One): The Weekly Mentor

By Oliver DeMille There is an excellent book by John F. Heath entitled, When Bright Kids Can’t Learn: How New Brain Research Can Help Your Child. I highly recommend it. Perhaps the most significant contribution of the book, at least for me, is the idea [...]

26 04, 2012

Homeschooling Special Needs, Part 2

Click here to read Part 1 >> The Homeschool Okay, you never wrote back re: homeschool, but upon re-reading your question I realized ;-) that I probably DID do a lot of saying what was on my heart, and not what you asked for. So, [...]

26 04, 2012

Homeschooling Special Needs, Part 1

Hi Rachel, We've met before, but I know that you've met a thousand unknown people. I'm K.D.; P.G. is my brother. Anyway, I had a baby, G----, mid-November who has hydrocephalus. She spent the first twelve days of life at Primary Children's in the NICU. [...]

16 11, 2011

Home School Insights: The Unschooling Myth

Many people in our modern world have come to equate conveyor-belt methods and systems with schooling, and they tend to see anything else as lenient or non-academic. TJEd is different than the conveyor belt model, but it is not academically lax for children.


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