19 Apps: Leadership Education for College Students (PDF)

19 Apps: Leadership Education for College Students (PDF)


Oliver DeMille’s secrets to effective Depth-level study will benefit any advanced student who’s serious about their education.

How to increase your:

  • grades
  • career earnings
  • learning curve
  • leadership skills

…and still have time for a social life

Volume 6 in the Leadership Education Library is dedicated especially to advanced (youth and young adult) students–and will help any adult with continuing education!

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Chapter Outline:

Introduction: College Education and the Idea of Greatness


App 1. Know the Real You (While Most People Are Choosing a Major)

App 2. Know Your Inner Leader (While Most People Consult Their Class Schedule)

App 3. Know Your Mission (While Most People Change Their Major)

App 4. Know Your Career “Power Points” (While Most People Seek Good Grades)

App 5. Know the Great Ideas (While Most People Try to Understand the Library)

App 6. Read the Classics (While Most People are Asking, “What’s Your Major?”)


App 7. Master the Cards (While Most People Cram)

App 8. Change the Calendar (While Most People Try to Manage Their Time)

App 9. Read to Learn (While Most People Read to Read)

App 10. Write to Master (While Most People Write to Pass)


App 11. Turn Study Groups into Colloquia (While Most People Use Study Groups to Prepare for Tests)

App 12. Turn Study Groups into Orals (While Most People Trust Multiple Choice)

App 13. Seek Simulations (While Most People Wait for Others to Lead Them)

App 14. Boost Your Vocabulary (While Most People Skim Over Unknown Words)


App 15. Master the Three Assignments (While Most People Just Solve Problems)

App 16. Study Peer-Reviewed Journals (While Most People Only Study Textbooks)

App 17. Study The Masters (While Most People Research Magazines)

App 18. Personalize Your Professors (While Most People Are Just a Number)

App 19. Overcome “Ringism” (While Most People “Just Wanna Fit In”)

Conclusion: The Catalyst of a Great Leadership Education

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