2020 TJEd Freedom Convention

2020 TJEd Freedom Convention


Presented by 

Oliver DeMille 

Leadership Education (TJEd)

The Center for
Social Leadership

The Crisis is Here!

(What to do about it, and how to do it effectively—and what’s coming next)

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  • Cost: $50 per household
  • Bonus Sessions and Workshops 1 & 2 available immediately upon enrollment.
  • Enrollment cost includes participation for all members of a single household. Non-household friends and family should purchase their own access.
  • Special class pricing available for schools. [contact [email protected] to inquire]
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  • Enrollment cost includes participation for all members of a single household. Non-household friends and family should purchase their own access.
  • Special class pricing available for schools. [contact [email protected] to inquire]


Early Bird Bonuses from our Freedom Vault

[Available immediately upon registration]

  • AUDIO: “The Freedom Writings of George Washington”
  • VIDEO: “The 5 Keys to a FreedomShift: The Technology of Genius”
  • AUDIO: “The Constitution: Hanging by a Thread”

Intel Playlist

[Available immediately upon registration]

Workshop #1: The Crisis is Here! Part I, Forecast – The 50 Steps of Crisis Eras

With the COVID-19 coronavirus the world is facing a major crisis. But this is not surprising or new. We’re following a cyclical pattern that has been around for over two millennia.

Learn the pattern–where we are right now on the cycle–and what comes next!

Learn what to expect in the months ahead, and what/how to plan for the next two years! Those who understand the cycle will possess the historically-proven roadmap for dealing with the trends of our time.

Workshop #2: The Crisis is Here! Part II, Workshop – Your Scenario Matrix

Learn how to make your plans for your specific family, work, and life for the next 6 years, using lessons from the historical crisis cycle to inform your decisions. Don’t be left in the dark, or at the mercy of the modern media, as you choose your path for the months and years ahead. History is clear on what works at this point on the cycle, and what doesn’t. Come to this workshop with pen and paper in hand, and prepare to leave with a clear outline and plan customized for many of your/your family’s needs during the next part of the cycle. Invaluable information on the new realities of education, government, career, economy, trends, and family success.

Seminar Playlist

Workshop #3: Understanding and Implementing the Current Huge Shift in Values and Leadership

The leadership values that have dominated modern society have remained largely the same for the past six decades–applied in families, businesses, schools, governments, churches, media, etc. But with the current shift to an era of crisis, the values of leadership that bring effective success have rapidly changed–now mirroring the leadership values that brought success in past periods of crisis from World War II back through the Revolutionary War. What are these newly central and vitally important leadership values? How have they suddenly changed in the past 30-60 days, and how can we apply them in our families, work, communities and nations? Knowing this is like knowing to get on the Ark in the days of Noah. Don’t miss the boat!

Workshop #4: The Socialism Myth

As crisis impacts more and more people, the call for socialism as a national and global solution will only increase.

Learn what really makes socialism tick; learn the one key word that any opponent of socialism can use to quickly shut down the debate–and how only this word will win the hearts of many who would otherwise be swayed by the myth of socialism.

This is vital information for anyone who cares about the future of freedom. 

Workshop #5: Jefferson’s Creed of Freedom

There are seventeen core principles of freedom, according to Thomas Jefferson; yet few people today know what they are. Learn the seventeen, how they are deeply relevant in today’s modern political landscape, and why each of the seventeen is both under attack and also very powerful in promoting the spread of modern freedom.

Don’t miss this profound yet surprisingly simple outline of seventeen essential things that make freedom work–if we simply know and apply them.

 Debriefing Playlist

Workshop #6: The New Era of Education in the Eventual Post-Corona World

What will make education work in the new educational realities and new economy ahead? Specifically: if the past cycles and trends of history continue, there will be an entirely new set of goals that drive effective education and careers in the emerging post-crisis economy–sometime later this year or shortly thereafter.

Learn what they are and how to utilize them for your family and extended families.

Workshop #7: The Coming FreedomShift: An Action Plan for 2020 and Beyond

What is the action plan for the years just ahead? What is needed for freedom, morality, families and prosperity to win the day, even in times of crises and their aftermath?

What can regular people do that will really make a huge difference—for themselves, their families, and the future?

Realistic, practical, effective things to do right now, and in the coming months. Don’t miss this specific, powerful workshop!

Bonus Sessions from the Freedom Vault


  • AUDIO: Three Hanging Threads – – – The State of the U.S. Constitution Today
  • AUDIO: How to Always Understand What’s Really Going On: The Insider Code & How to Apply It To See Through the News and Media
  • AUDIO: The Four Lost American Ideals
  • AUDIO: The Surprising Hidden Current Battle: Free Enterprise versus the Socialism/Capitalism Mix
  • AUDIO: Current Events Update & Debriefing: Top 4 Trends in the United States, and What They Mean
  • AUDIO: Current Events Update & Debriefing: Top 3 International Trends Right Now and their Coming Impact
  • AUDIO: How Can Freedom Win?
  • AUDIO: Founders of the Modern Battle for Freedom: Rousseau vs. Smith
  • AUDIO: Founders of the Modern Battle Against Freedom: Nietzsche & Freud

Sneak Peaks


Understanding the Constitution Course Preview [click for course information >>]

  • WEEK 1 AUDIO: Basics of the Constitution, and the 7 Branches of Society
  • Constitution Course Week 1 Study Guide