Current Events, Trends and Cycles in History course

Current Events, Trends and Cycles in History course



A 6-Week Course taught by Oliver DeMille

Events in the world are heating up, and things are getting set for big changes just ahead.


Many (perhaps most) people feel that real challenges are coming, but they aren’t sure what to do about it.

What is really going on in the world? Too often we can’t really trust the media spin about current events, yet we all need to understand the truth of world events. Moreover, we need to know what trends and cycles tell us about what’s ahead.

The coming years will be times of challenge, yet few people have an accurate understanding of what to expect. In this class, we’ll address all of these issues, and help each participant get a clear picture of world events and the trends and cycles that are shaping the decade ahead—and beyond.

Those who take this class will know what to look for in world events, how to see through the media, how to find out what is really happening, and how to effectively plan and prepare.

You know you’ve been wishing for something like this! We heard you.

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What You’ll Get Every Week

This course content will be released weekly over 6 weeks from the date of your enrollment. Each week of for the duration of the course, you will receive an mp3 audio of Oliver’s instruction (approximately 90 minutes in duration) delivered directly to you in the course environment.

You’ll also get several simple assignments to help you more effectively see through the façade of media spin.

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