United Intelligence

United Intelligence


Fight for Freedom


Help Them Stand


Make Your Choice

A Psychological Thriller
on the Future of Freedom

by Eliza DeMille Robinson

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Publisher: Colesville Fields, Inc., 2020
Page Count: 432
ISBN-13: 978-0-9912240-2-9
Dimensions: 6 in × 9 in × 1 in
Weight: ~1 lb


PART ONE: Cover of Darkness

Fight With Them

  • Conquer, Fortify
  • Not Yet
  • Battle Tactics
  • Target
  • The Gala
  • A Thief in Broad Daylight
  • Cover Fire

PART TWO: The Third Side

Help Them Stand

  • Immersion
  • Yield
  • Strong-Willed
  • Complacency
  • Fatal Flaws
  • A Headlong Rush
  • For Russia
  • The Perimeter


Make Your Choice

  • The Soldier Side
  • Quiet Strength
  • The Art of Ballet


BONUS: Jonathan Jordan’s Song

  • “Hero’s Role”

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