The Socialism Myth ebook

The Socialism Myth ebook


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by Oliver DeMille

Socialism is built on a lie.

It is based on several of them, in fact. Proponents of socialism in all its variations generally promise that adopting their policies will decrease the number of people suffering and living in poverty. In reality, it always does the opposite—increasing the numbers of people stuck in poverty.

Proponents of socialism typically promise that implementing their policies will increase equality in society. In the long term, the policies of socialism always do the opposite. The more socialism is implemented, the more inequality ravages a society. Promoters of socialism routinely promise to make life easier and better for the masses, but in the real world socialism always does the opposite—making life more difficult for almost everyone.

When confronted with these realities, supporters of socialism argue that these failing attempts occurred because the people leading past socialist projects “didn’t do it correctly.” And then they promise: “This time will be different.”

But it never is.

Others insist that while it has historically failed in practice, socialism is good in theory. But in truth, the theory of socialism is flawed.

In this new e-book, Oliver DeMille deconstructs the history, doctrine and mythology of socialism and – in his characteristic style – gives us the tools to analyze, discuss and combat it effectively.





Chapter One

The Original Myth of Socialism: Understanding Our New Era of Politics
A Mistake? * The Real Deal * A Big Change * Why and When? * The Core Difference * How to Debate Against Socialism

Chapter Two

Socialism in Our Time
[Book Review: Planning for Freedom by Ludwig Von Mises]
Socialism’s Center * What is Free Enterprise? * What is Socialism? * Why Socialism is Sometimes Popular * The Trifecta: Socialization, Sociality, Socialism * Will Socialism Succeed or Fail in our Time?

Chapter Three

Can the Constitution Survive?
Limited vs. Unlimited * Getting Deep

Chapter Four

To Pay, or Not to Pay…: Tackling a Universal Basic Income
[Book Reviews: Give People Money by Annie Lowrey, Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver]
Another Look* Enterprise, Anyone?

Chapter Five

The Next Civil War?

Chapter Six

How to Get the Real News in the Age of Partisan Media
Journalism or … ? * What to Do

Chapter Seven

How to Kill the Constitution (in 3 Simple Steps…)
[Book Reviews: It’s Time to Fight Dirty by David Faris, The Deep State by Mike Lofgren, The Black Box Society by Frank Pasquale, The Big Nine by Amy Webb, The Age of Surveillance by Shoshana Zuboff]
Gaming the Constitution * Deep State Rules * Quantocracy * The Big Twelve * Three Steps to Kill the Constitution * Conclusion

Chapter Eight

Was America Ever Great?
[Book Reviews: Suicide of the West by Jonah Goldberg, Ideas Have Consequences by Richard Weaver]

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  1. Brandon Perry (verified owner)

    Read this book as quickly as I could. I enjoyed the section on media. We both know there is a right media and a left media. Oliver gives a clear way on how to listen to both sides and ultimately find the truth.

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