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Math Teaching Helps:

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Dr. Henke shares a list of recommended resources* for advanced study that he freely shared with his students and their parents:

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  • Schneider, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe
  • Dunham, The Mathematical Universe
  • Benjamin, Secrets of Mental Math
  • Penrose, The Road to Reality
  • Plato, Timaeus; First mathematical treatise of western thought
  • Aristotle, Analytica Priora et Posteriora; System of deductive logic and method
  • Euclid, The Elements (in three volumes); Exhaustive compliation of Greek geometry
  • Archimedes, The Sand Reckoner; Introduces base-ten system, principle of the logarithm
  • Archimedes, Method; Foundation of integral calculus
  • Apollonius, Conic Sections; Exhaustive work on the conic sections
  • Nicomachus, Introduction to Arithmetic; Compilation of arithmetic principles
  • Ptolemy, The Almagest; Greek trigonometry used to record star positions
  • al-Khowarizmi, al-jabr w’al-muqabalah; First treatise on algebra and Hindu-Arabic numerals
  • Fibonacci, Libro di bacci; Introduces Hindu-Arabic numerals to Europe
  • da Vinci, Linear Perspective; The mathematical elements of painting
  • Stevin, La Disme; Systematic treatment of decimal fractions
  • Cardano, Ars Magna; Solves cubic and bi-quadratic equations, imaginary numbers
  • Galileo, Two New Sciences; Challenges Aristotle’s law of falling bodies
  • Descartes, Geometry; Lays the foundation of analytical geometry
  • Fermat, On the Theory of Probabilities; Pascal lays the foundation of probability
  • Newton, The Principia; Invention of calculus and defines gravity
  • Bernoulli, Law of Large Numbers; Lays the foundation of statistics
  • Euler, Seven Bridges of Konigsberg; Lays the foundation of topology
  • La Place, Celestial Mechanics; Applies calculus to heavenly orbits
  • La Place (Sommerville translation), Celestial Mechanics [click here for online text]; Expansion of La Place’s work
  • Boole, Symbolic Logic; Discovery of symbolic and boolean logic
  • Abbott, Flatland; Fictional work about mathematical dimensions
  • Poincare, Chance; Probability and statistics [click here for online text]
  • Poincare, Mathematical Creation; How to create mathematics
  • Mendeleev, Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements; Lays the foundation for the periodic table
  • Whitehead, Principia Mathematica; Deepest study of the foundations of mathematics
  • Polya, How to Solve It; Problem solving
  • Jeans, Science and Music; Lays the foundation for the physics of music
  • von Neumann, Games and Economic Behavior; Lays the foundation of game theory