26 10, 2010

Raising Acorns

I am an acorn full of potential, in need of nourishing with sun and soil and rain I sprout, upward and down I am a seedling surrounded by siblings sending shoots and roots I explore, grow and expand I am a sapling reaching for the [...]

1 05, 2010

Poetry and Kidschool

I love poetry! It is so amazing to me the way that art so seemingly effortlessly communicates on so many levels, with precision, economy and beauty! When my family and I learn poetry together, several things take place...

30 04, 2010

Language through the Phases, Part 2

I am a sort of “seat-of-the-pants” educator, who relies very heavily on subtle, sometimes unconsciously detected, cues to inform my approach in the classroom I just feel when they’re “getting it”, who’s not, and why not. I sometimes learn more from evaluating what I did—and why I must have felt it should be that way—then I ever do from trying to anticipate the need and plan for it. So, over time, I have collected a mass of data of “what I did”, and am starting to see some truly amazing patterns.

30 04, 2010

Language through the Phases, Part 1

Language is not only the vehicle of our thought, but the substance of it. I believe that language is so intrinsic a process in our development of self, ideas, purposes, perceptions, etc., that whenever we undertake to truly embrace a new language (as opposed to just learning it in a rote fashion) we must do so by passing through the Phases in that language.


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