3 08, 2016

Breathe… A Deeper Look at Inspired Education: The Weekly Mentor

Living Inspiration The word “inspire” is one of the most powerful in the English language. It contemplates major improvement, massive personal change, and real societal progress—because when a person is inspired, he does things at a whole new level, frequently in entirely new ways. If [...]

17 04, 2015

Four Awesome Books for Spring! The Weekly Mentor by Oliver DeMille

(and a Fun Invitation…) by Oliver DeMille Spring Fever Reader When springtime comes, it’s more difficult to keep the kids in their classrooms. They might be there physically, but their minds are increasingly outside in the sunshine, running amidst the flowers, listening to the sounds [...]

12 03, 2013

Careers Get Off the Conveyor Belt: The Weekly Mentor

By Oliver DeMille CEO of Your Own Destiny For years I’ve promoted the idea that conveyor-belt education is seldom great education, and that if anything should be great in a young person’s life it’s his or her education. Therefore, I’ve said to anyone who would [...]