TJEd is also known as “Leadership Education.” And the leader in LE is not *just* the kid that grows up in your home under these principles; it’s you! YOU lead out and show them the way. You get excited about education – not just for theirs, but for yours.

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    If TJEd is calling to you, don't resort to “winging” it. Don’t just copy a friend, or browse and guess. We're here to help! The first month's content includes a free bonus section with the following samples from the MIC series:
    • Beginning of the month coaching video, "What is Yours to Do" by Rachel DeMille from Season 1
    • Intro Audio for Dumbing Us Down from Season 1
    • Study Guide for Anne of Green Gables from Season 5
    • Debriefing Audio for Anne of Green Gables from Season 5
    • Bonus Audio for Little Britches from Season 2
    • End of the month coaching video by Emma Cox from Season 7
    In addition, the mentoring content for A Thomas Jefferson Education is yours to download and keep, even if you choose not to remain with us!
  • Mentoring is vital for education. Good mentors lead to good education, and great mentors to great education.

    This class is a practical, hands-on course on how to be a great mentor.

    A 7-week course taught by Oliver DeMille

    This course is recommended for more advanced teachers and mentors, and parents of youth, who have a basic foundation in the principles and practices of Leadership Education. *Updated in 2019 with additional, critical content to qualify you as a TJEd High Tutor.* You know you’ve been wishing for something like this! We heard you.
  • 5. Black Belt in Freedom


    Get Mentored in Freedom by Oliver DeMille

    A One-of-A-Kind Freedom Learning Program Participants prepare to become founding fathers and mothers of freedom in the 21st Century! Don’t miss this amazing learning experience.


    There are no credits, grades, or credentials associated with this intense course of study—just great learning from the highest-quality materials and deep mentoring on the most important principles of freedom. No facades, just excellent learning. See below for specifics....

    A 6-Week Course taught by Oliver DeMille

    Events in the world are heating up, and things are getting set for big changes just ahead. ARE YOU READY? Many (perhaps most) people feel that real challenges are coming, but they aren’t sure what to do about it. What is really going on in the world? Too often we can’t really trust the media spin about current events, yet we all need to understand the truth of world events. Moreover, we need to know what trends and cycles tell us about what’s ahead. The coming years will be times of challenge, yet few people have an accurate understanding of what to expect. In this class, we’ll address all of these issues, and help each participant get a clear picture of world events and the trends and cycles that are shaping the decade ahead—and beyond. Those who take this class will know what to look for in world events, how to see through the media, how to find out what is really happening, and how to effectively plan and prepare.

    You know you’ve been wishing for something like this! We heard you.

  • How to Be a Great Homeschool Dad 

    presented by Oliver DeMille

    Every Dad and Grandpa Will Greatly Benefit From This Powerful Bundle!

    DeMille-Dads who read to their kidsExpand the vision, scope and application of Leadership Education in your home and in your mission, with this groundbreaking seminar (with amazing extras included!). This workshop bundle is appropriate for potential, seasoned and new homeschoolers, and everyone in between--as well as those educating in TJEd and all learning styles and environments. This product bundle includes:
    • 4 downloadable Audio Workshop Sessions from our Seminar, "How To Be a Great Homeschool Dad" to listen to over and over
    • 2 downloads (mp3 audio book and PDF eBook) of TJEd for Dads: What's So Great About the Classics?, by Oliver DeMille 
    • Bonus mp3 audio on "Goal-Getters and the Path of Success" by Oliver DeMille
    • (plus several unadvertised bonuses)
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  • YSS is our answer for training parents to coach and mentor their kids combined with hands-on project-style content for Love of Learning and Transitioning to Scholar Phase!

    Inspired by our young daughters who LOOOOONGED to have the goals and awards that they saw happening in their brother's scouting activities, YSS is a program for girls and boys to assist them in broad knowledge, skills acquisition, refinement of talents and character development.

    YSS can be run:

    • In a single home, with parent mentors
    • In a small, cooperative group of families
    • As a full-fledged club in an emerging or established community of families


    YSS Coaching and Content is on a monthly subscription model, and currently costs $37/month per family. Note that this includes full access to the This Week in History subscription, which costs $25/month - so you're getting a crazy good deal for all the coaching and curriculum content!!


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  • Presented by 

    Oliver DeMille 

    Leadership Education (TJEd)

    The Center for Social Leadership 

    The Current Crisis and the One Just Ahead...

    OUR FREEDOMS haven’t been under this level of jeopardy since the election of 1800—when the Federalists, who wanted to replace the Constitution and return to a British-style monarchy in the United States, attacked Thomas Jefferson and those who supported the Constitution, and almost won the day.

    In 2021 we face a similar massive assault on the Constitution and our freedom, a drive to fundamentally change our system and replace it with a socialist power structure. The impact of this on Americans and people in all nations will be drastic—whichever path we end up choosing.

    Are we ready for this challenge? And how can freedom win? There is great hope for freedom, IF a few key things happen…

    Available for Online Access with All Content On-Demand and Downloadable

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    • Cost: $45/month per