Youth Learning

  • YSS is our answer for training parents to coach and mentor their kids combined with hands-on project-style content for Love of Learning and Transitioning to Scholar Phase!

    Inspired by our young daughters who LOOOOONGED to have the goals and awards that they saw happening in their brother's scouting activities, YSS is a program for girls and boys to assist them in broad knowledge, skills acquisition, refinement of talents and character development.

    YSS can be run:

    • In a single home, with parent mentors
    • In a small, cooperative group of families
    • As a full-fledged club in an emerging or established community of families


    YSS Coaching and Content is on a monthly subscription model, and currently costs $37/month per family. Note that this includes full access to the This Week in History subscription, which costs $25/month - so you're getting a crazy good deal for all the coaching and curriculum content!!


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  • Mentoring is vital for education. Good mentors lead to good education, and great mentors to great education.

    This class is a practical, hands-on course on how to be a great mentor.

    A 7-week course taught by Oliver DeMille

    This course is recommended for more advanced teachers and mentors, and parents of youth, who have a basic foundation in the principles and practices of Leadership Education. *Updated with additional, critical content to qualify you as a TJEd High Tutor.* You know you’ve been wishing for something like this! We heard you.