22 03, 2011

Core Phase Crochet

It’s hard being little. I remember keenly wanting to fit in with all the older people around me. I was the youngest of six kids—and quite a bit younger, at that. The closest in age was four years older, and they went up from there [...]

22 01, 2011

The Family Library

by Shiloah Baker “I cannot live without books,” Thomas Jefferson once said. No one should live without books! Books uplift. Books inspire. Books teach. The teaching done through books encompasses many areas: vocabulary, life experiences, knowledge, learning, and the list goes on and on. There [...]

20 01, 2011

Homeschooling in Core Phase

  by Shanalei Anderson For those of you who love and embrace the educational philosophy taught in Oliver DeMille's A Thomas Jefferson Education, here are some ideas for homeschooling children in the "Core Phase" (up to around age 8 or so)--the years in which children [...]

5 11, 2010


Body sculpting, surgical/chemical alterations, therapy . . . our culture is obsessed with hiding, cutting out or otherwise purging its flaws. We want to be persons with no weaknesses. Even our college entrance exams, job interviews, courtships and business dealings all seem to hinge on [...]

8 10, 2010

But Is It A Classic?

I had a strange experience a few months ago. I’ve pondered on it many times since. A friend of mine, who participates in an adult book discussion group, was having some difficulty with discussing a book. One of the group members found the subject matter [...]

1 05, 2010

Poetry and Kidschool

I love poetry! It is so amazing to me the way that art so seemingly effortlessly communicates on so many levels, with precision, economy and beauty! When my family and I learn poetry together, several things take place...

27 03, 2010

Kindling, Carrot Sticks and Kidschool…

I had an epiphany yesterday about woodstoves and warmth--if a little bit more metaphysical than the reading on the thermostat. I was pondering about the struggle I've had of late getting off my personal conveyor belt. Not with TJEd, you'll be glad to know; but I've been in a personal rut and have wondered in vain for several weeks how to break free from my habits.