Presented by

Oliver DeMille

Leadership Education (TJEd)


The Center for
Social Leadership

(What to do about it, and how to do it effectively—and what’s coming next)

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  • Early Bird Enrollment (enrolled by March 31): $35! [Cost: $50 4/1/20 – onward]
  • Bonus Sessions and Workshops 1 & 2 available immediately upon enrollment.
  • The balance of the Convention Playlist will be released on 4/6, and is available April 6, 2020 – May 10, 2020, on-demand – so you can access it for the whole month, as many times as you choose.
  • Enrollment cost includes participation for all members of a single household. Non-household friends and family should purchase their own access.
  • Special class pricing available for schools. [contact to inquire]