by Oliver DeMille

A Blank Paper and A Name canstockphotojapanesemother

Did you make any plans or goals for the coming week for your family and/or homeschool?

Did get a blank piece of paper and brainstorm what your child needs most in his or her life right now?

What you need to do to be inspirational and supportive?

What you need to do to provide resources, opportunities, time and space for his education? Not boss him, or assign him—but genuinely help him?

After you spent ten minutes on this, did you share it with your spouse and talk together about ways you can better serve your child? And really help her in the ways she needs it most?

Did you then meet with her, and without sharing your list just ask how you can help her? And write down her answers?

Afterwards, did you re-evaluate your lists: the one you made as you brainstormed, the additions from your spouse, and then the things your child mentioned?

A Little Time, A Big Impact

Did you pick one or two things from the list and are you making these a key focus of your week?

Did you do the same for each of your kids?

If you did these things, you’re doing something great. Specifically: You’re mentoring.

It’s incredibly powerful. It’s life changing. It’s profound.

If you’re doing it, you’re a rare parent. A rare leader. A great example.

Join the mentoring revolution. It takes about an hour a week—fifteen minutes brainstorming, fifteen minutes discussing with your spouse, fifteen minutes interviewing your kid, and fifteen minutes making sure you do what your son or daughter needs most from you this week.

Sometimes the actual actions can take a few hours, but the planning nearly always takes less than an hour.

Small and Simple Things

If you don’t have time, at least do the brainstorming. Just fifteen minutes will make a huge difference.

And it will change your son’s life drastically. Or your daughter’s. Or both. Do it every week, and you’ll be a truly amazing parent. And mentor. And leader.

You’ll be great.

And your child will become great.

Greatness is always the result of small and simple things.

Great parenting is the best thing you’ll ever do.

It’s such a small thing, requiring just a blank piece of paper and a few short minutes of your time. Yet it will change the future of your family more than anything else.

Did you already do it this week?

If not, why not do it now?

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