Sometimes I hear the question: “How do I Inspire when I’m NOT Inspiring??

This feeling is almost predictable right now. Winter is waxing on for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. All of our energetic plans from September are either running out of steam or no longer seem to make sense. We’re either going through the motions, or pushing ourselves (and our kids) to do things when we’re just not “feeling” them, or we’re just wandering in a daze of malaise. The holidays are past, the promise of Spring is still too far in the future.

Like I said – this sort of funk is not uncommon right now; and in the midst of February doldrums, it’s almost unavoidable.


STOP EVERYTHING! Have you got a plan for doing what you love?

If you’re driven, uninspired and focused on everybody else, you just might be a bummer. Just saying.

#TJEdYouNotThem #TJEdInspireNotRequire #IfYouLoveLearningShowIt

This 14-minute video will help you climb out of the doldrums and ignite your mentoring mojo. (Not to mention, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and a lot easier to live with….)

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