We are living throughleadershift a LeaderShift, and parents are at the very center of this major change.

This is true of all parents, and it is espeically true of those who homeschool or want to help their kids get a leadership education.

But just what is a LeaderShift?

As Orrin Woodward and I wrote in our brand new book, LeaderShift, “Every once in a while in history, a LeaderShift occurs. It usually comes unexpectedly, and it transforms the world for at least a generation.”

Past LeaderShifts include:

  • The historical switch from kings and chiefs as the top leaders to community fathers such as doctors, lawyers and town merchants
  • The 1880-1920’s transition from city fathers as the main leaders to titans of industry, like Carnegie and Rockefeller
  • The 1940-1970’s shift from business tycoons as the top leaders to managers
  • The 1980-1990’s transition from managers to leaders, influenced by writers like Stephen Covey

In all of these, parents made a difference, but too often other leaders had more immediate impact on society.

In our time, in contrast, parents and teachers are right at the forefront of who leads in our society.

And their influence is growing.

Today, right now, we are in the early stages of another great transitional LeaderShift– this time, a shift from top-down politicians and media personalities as the main leaders to bottom-up leaders where great parents, effective teachers, and successful entrepreneurial leaders are standing up and making their influence and leadership talents felt in leading society.

This is a major change in society, and nobody is more important to this than parents and teachers who help train the leaders of the future.

But another transition is occurring.

In this new reality, parents are going to be more immediately influential as leaders. Right now! On big topics.

The Five Laws of Decline

To be real leaders, parents and teachers need to understand the Five Laws of Decline that are silently making it harder for all institutions—governments, businesses, and families—to succeed.

When parent-leaders know these five environments, and what to do about them, they can parent and mentor at a whole new, better, and more effective level.

That’s what my new book is all about.

It builds directly on TJEd and Leadership Education, because it helps us understand how to train leaders that really impact the world for good—and how to do it by example (You, not Them!). After all, Leadership Education is not just about What to teach, or How to teach, but Why to teach. And is there a more important Why than the future our children will inherit?

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be a truly great mentor and parent-leader to the new generation of future leaders who are now being raised in our homes.

This book is also the first of my books written in the story format.

In fact, it was from writing the stories in LeaderShift that I got the idea to do The Weekly Mentor—so many of which begin with a story to make a point about mentoring.

So, what’s the focus of The Weekly Mentor this week?

Simple: Get in touch with the LeaderShift!

It’s real, and it’s happening.

And it is putting parents and mentors right at the center of leading society.

Walking the Walk

How can you really take part in the LeaderShift that is occurring across society?

First, apply the 7 Keys! And do whatever you can to do this more effectively.

Second, make sure to apply them the right way using the 4 Phases!

This is so unique to TJEd, and it really works.

Third, read the book LeaderShift and find out how to really lead in our time.

As society is facing more and more real challenges in our day, it isn’t enough to leave governance to the politicians.

We need parents, teachers and other everyday leaders to set a real example for our kids.

“You, not Them” has never been so important. The future our kids inherit will depend on how our generation of parents takes action!

Fourth, help your older kids make current events a more focused part of their learning.

Get them a lot more involved in learning current events.

I’ll say more on how to study current events with your youth in next week’s issue of The Weekly Mentor.

For now, sit down with your older kids (Love of Learning and Scholar Phase), and ask them what they know about current events.

Talking the Talk

It is helpful to ask them the basics, like: Who is our nation’s president or prime minister?

Is the president or prime minister doing a good job, or not?


What would you like him or her to do better?

What is the biggest problem right now in our country? What are two other big problems in our nation? Why do you think these three are the biggest?

How would you fix them?

Finally, ask them: What is the very best big current event happening in our nation right now? What are two other really positive things that are happening? Why do you think these three things are so important? How do you think we can help these good things?

Even Love of Learners who don’t know many of these answers will love this discussion. It ties into their life mission, and they’ll feel it strongly.

Be basic. Have fun, and make the discussion enjoyable.

But get started.

Parents today are raising leaders!

Even if you purposely do nothing focused on leadership, you are still raising leaders. And the more you can help them think about it now, in their youth, the better.

I’ll say more on this next week, but get started right now if you can, by having this discussion with your youth.

You might just be surprised by what you learn!

A LeaderShift is coming, and you are part of it—whether you ever realized it or not.


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Also: Oliver was featured as the cover article for this month’s Leadership Excellence magazine. Read or download it here >>


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Image Oliver DeMille is the co-founder of the Center for Social Leadership, and a co-creator of TJEd.

He is the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century, The Coming Aristocracy: Education & the Future of Freedom, and FreedomShift: 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny.

Oliver is dedicated to promoting freedom through Leadership Education. He and his wife Rachel are raising their eight children in Cedar City, Utah.