by Oliver and Rachel DeMille

Roses are red, violets are blue; getting a great education is fun for you.

It… tastes like chicken.

It… [fill in your favorite cliché here…]

But seriously, some areas of success hinge on one set of skills or knowledge, while others require multiple abilities and consistent multi-tasking.

PedalsMemeTJEd is one of those arenas that is literally like riding a bike, meaning that you have to push both pedals and pump with both legs in order to get the best results.

What are we talking about? Simple. You can try riding a bike by just pushing one pedal. Seriously – try it sometime. Sit on your bike, push off, and then only use your right foot to pedal. Just ignore your left foot and do all the work with the right foot.

This can work if you are going down hill and mostly coasting. It might even work for a while on level ground. It’s a little awkward, and it’s hard to gain any momentum.

But try to go up hill, or attempt to go really fast, and you’re going to wish you were pumping the pedals with both legs.

Both Pedals

Likewise, TJEd works best when two skill sets are both being used at the same time. First, the TJEd books, audios and online classes teach us how to deliver great education.

Second, the great classics are the great education. Together, these provide an excellent program to get the best education possible.

But just try to do this by only using one pedal. For example, just read TJEd books but never pick up a classic—and your education will suffer.

Likewise, read a bunch of classics but never study how to mentor others and you’ll miss out on so much, from discussions to family reading, from Family Executive Councils to the Phases of Learning, from the 55 ingredients to the 7 Keys—and so much more.

Recently a woman contacted us and asked which she focus on – TJEd implementation, or classics? Rachel suggested that, based on her situation, the combination of the two would be by far the best approach. This combination will help anyone ride the great education bicycle while using both pedals at once.

Ask yourself this: how balanced is your approach? The best way to help your students get a truly superb education is to simultaneously learn from the greatest classics and also learn how to apply the most effective principles of great teaching, learning, and education.

Doing both is so much more effective than trying to do one or the other.

So pull up two pedals and get to work: 1) the TJEd materials, and 2) the great classics! Together these are a great vehicle to great education. MIC-badge

Why not pick both?

To help you do this, we have created the TJEd Implementation course – Mentoring in the Classics.

Remember, an investment in your education is not a withdrawal from your kids’. It will pay dividends on a gold standard for generations to come!

If TJEd is calling to you, don’t resort to “winging” it. Don’t just copy a friend, or browse and guess. We’re here to help!


TJEd sounds good to me… But how do you actually do it????


Mentoring in the Classics!

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